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What type of Speakers Should We Hire for Events?

Speakers are the primary source for conveying the message in any event. The audience present at an event will feel lost after some time if there is no sound and only video.

The correct coordination of sound and video provide an engaging event experience. Whether a conference, business meeting, corporate event, or wedding, a reliable sound system enhances the event organising experience and enthrals the audience by keeping them engaged with quality speaker arrangements.

The modern technology speakers are available with more improved and advanced features that make any event memorable.

The speakers are expensive equipment to buy; moreover, they are an unnecessary expenditure if the need is for one-time. Speaker rentals are the easy and cost-effective way to avail the best speakers at an affordable cost.

It is necessary to choose the right kind of speaker to suit your event type. The features, size, and power according to the size of the audience play a vital role in choosing the right kind of speakers.

Speaker Rentals Dubai

Types of speakers:

Center channel speaker: This speaker is placed in the middle under the TV in the form of a sound bar. It helps in better sound quality during conversations and gives a lifelike experience. It ensures a seamless experience between the two front speakers.

Front left and right main speakers: These speakers will provide a lateral sound at the venue. They provide a localized and focused sound. They are often column speakers or bookshelf speakers on a stand.

Rear surround speakers: These speakers are placed at the back of the seating arrangement. They add to the surround sound and help in balancing the sound throughout the room. They are smaller in size when compared to the main speakers. They are an addition to the main speakers.

Subwoofer: It is a small speaker with the functionality of adding bass to the main speaker sound. A single or two subwoofers can be used as per the requirement. They ensure the lowest tones of the speakers. The subwoofer can be used in two ways:

  •         The subwoofer can complement the front speakers, which ensures full bass.
  •         The subwoofer is responsible for all the bass, allowing the front speakers to focus on the middle and higher tones.

Side surround speakers: These speakers are optional but are necessary for some setups for a smooth transition from the front to the rear speakers and vice-versa.

Choosing the right kind of speakers and properly arranging them helps in achieving a complete event experience.    

VRS Technologies offers affordable Speaker Rentals Dubai for any event. We offer all kinds and any number of speakers for events in Dubai. Our speaker rentals are flexible and come with support by our expert technicians.

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