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What To Consider When Renting a Projector?

Projectors provide a large image on a temporary screen of the content for a clear display. Projectors are generally an integral part of any business meeting, corporate conferences, school/college presentations, and social gatherings.

The large screen displays the image clearly for attendees to view the happenings of the event.

While projectors are great tools for organising engaging events, setting up and integrating the accessories with it is a task to be done by experts.

Projector Rentals Dubai

Few important factors to consider for Projector rentals:

Event Size: The projector size must match according to the size of the location. Projectors are available in various screen sizes.

Brightness: The amount of light present in a room or outdoor event decides the projector’s brightness. An outdoor event requires a high brightness projector when compared to an indoor event. The distance from where the projectors are mounted to display images also decides the brightness factor of projectors.

Resolution: The projector should be of 1080 pixels for a clear picture display. The brightness of the projector is measured in lumens. Outdoor events should be projected on with high-lumen projectors, while a lesser-lumen projector will be effective if used in a dark room.  

Aspect ratio of projector: A projector’s aspect ratio is the ratio between its width and height. Different aspect ratios are considered by various events by considering the room size, location (indoor/outdoor).

Screen-size:  The image clarity of the content depends on the screen-size. A free-standing screen or hanging screen types are available. A specific screen for projections from the rear end is also available.

Weight: The weight of the projector should be less for easy portability. A sudden change in location during business meetings or events may arise. A lightweight projector is easy to carry and set up for such needs.

Reliable service: The projectors need expertise for set up. An experienced service provider arranges all the set up and accessories and ensures their proper working. Choosing a reliable and trustworthy service provider for the proper use of rental projectors.

There are various kinds of projectors available LED, LCD, and DLP projectors based on the technology used.

VRS Technologies offers Projector Rentals Dubai for availing any size or model. We have a huge inventory of projectors to cater to any business need. Our expert technicians assist you in choosing the right kind of projector based on the event and location.

We provide projector installation and maintenance services throughout Dubai.

For further information regarding projector rental services in Dubai visit

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