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What are the Top 4 Touch Screen Technologies for OEMs?

The use of Touch screens in various devices has led to the ease of accessing data and accomplishing tasks in a more efficient way. Touch Screen technology helps enterprises enhance their business presentations and present their product details in a more appealing and elaborate manner.

Touch Screen technology has two parts, hardware, and software. The hardware architecture consists of a stand-alone embedded system using an 8-bit microcontroller, interface, and circuits. The software is developed using the C programming language.

The Touch Screen works on the principle of touch sensor. It consists of a touch sensor, a controller, and a software driver. The Touch Screen needs to be combined with a display and a PC for experiencing the touch effect.

There are several ways to operate a touch screen, like, single touch, multi-touch, touch and hold, swipe, and pinch.

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4 most popular types of Touch Screens include:

Resistive Touch: The resistive touch screen is made up of a flexible top layer of polythene and a bottom layer of rigid glass, both separated by insulated dots that are attached to a touch screen controller.   

Capacitive: A capacitive touch screen panel is coated with a material that stores electrical charges. It can transmit up to 90% of light from the monitor. They are available in two categories: Surface capacitive and Projected capacitive technology.   

SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave): This technology contains two transducers placed along the X-axis and Y-axis of the monitor’s glass plate along with some reflectors. When the screen is touched the reflectors send signals from one transducer to another. It provides excellent throughput and quality.    

Infrared: An array of the X and Y axis is fitted with pairs of IR LEDs and photodetectors. Photodetectors will detect any image in the pattern of light emitted by the LEDs whenever the screen is touched.

The Touch Screen has many advantages when compared to non-touchscreen devices:

  •         Maintenance and cleaning of the devices are easy.
  •         Provides an interactive and engaging experience
  •         Self-service feature
  •         Keyboard and Mouse not required
  •         Speed and efficiency
  •         Mobility and space
  •         Durability and resilience
  •         Easy user interface

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