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What are the 9 Ways to Make your Video Walls Work?

Video walls are a great way to convey the information in the right way to the potential customers. The video wall technology has made a considerable impact in the way information is conveyed during events.

Video walls allow to display engaging video content with vivid colours and bright images for attracting the potential customers.

Video walls that are placed in the prime location, or lease or purchase them and install them at a venue offer the sheer amount of exposure and allows businesses to achieve maximum profits within a short period.

Video Wall Rental Dubai

9 Ways to Make Video Walls Work Efficiently:

  • Understand the business goals: Before considering video wall rentals it is necessary to have a clear idea of the various business goals that are being targeted through them. The content displayed through the video walls should be designed appropriately to target the maximum audience and convey the message in the right tone.
  • Importance of considering the venue: Considering the venue is another aspect while choosing a video wall rental. The size of the video wall and the resolution depends upon the size of the venue, whether it is an indoor or outdoor event, size of the audience, and the lighting available at the place. While setting up a video wall for a trade show booth that is small in size, having a large video wall will be overpowering to attendees and detract from the main message.
  • Understand the technical capabilities: Videos, images, audio, text and other content need to be optimized for the type of video wall being used. Nothing makes a video wall look more unprofessional than tiny, unreadable font and low-resolution images. Both should be large and clear enough to easily understand.
  • Create relevant content: Video wall content creation should be done keeping in view the size of the display screen, the aspect ratio, size of the font, and length of the content.
  • Mounting instructions: Video walls should be mounted at the right place with a clear understanding of the pixel pitch, viewing distance, and screen resolution.
  • Perfect brightness and power: When choosing a video wall on rent, it is important to consider the brightness level. More brightness needs more power.
  • Reliable service provider: A reliable video wall rental company has experienced technicians who have the expertise in installing the video wall at the right place and for better viewing of the audience.
  • Advantage of interactive video walls: An interactive video wall can be implemented through a touch display or via an application on a mobile device that augments the content. It makes for a great end-user experience and enhance event engagement.
  • Social media feed: Displaying social media feeds on a video wall helps businesses to connect to a larger audience and make an impactful presence on the web.

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