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What are the 4 Tips to Select the Perfect Touch Screen?

The interactive touch screens having an intimate feel, sways the attention of majority of people instantly; be it malls, trade shows, music concerts or any business forums. Although selecting the right touch screen at the right event is the key to leave a lasting imprint on the audience at large. VRS Technologies provides you with the much needed guidance to select the best technology and type of Touch Screen Rental Solutions in Dubai.

What is a Touch Screen?

A touch screen is a display monitor that can receive input through a finger or stylus touch. Interactive displays have pre-loaded software that includes smart features like smart drawing, shape recognition and content reading. It can be easily integrated with video conferencing systems and digital signage solutions.

Touch Screen Rental Dubai

A Beginner’s Guide to Get Quality Touch Screens:

• Touch Screen LEDs: Single touch screen find its applications majorly in iPads, LED TVs used in trade shows and seminars.

LED touch screens come up with three distinctive technologies with its associated applications as follows:

a. Resistive touch screens: It recognizes the touch of a finger tip or a stylus when the thin metallic conductive layer senses a change in electric current. These have 75% clarity and are sensitive to sharp objects. It remains unaffected by outside elements like dust and water.

b. Capacitive Touch screens: As the name suggest the screen is coated with a capacitive material which registers the event of touch as a small amount of charge is drawn at the point of contact. These screens are characterized by crystal clarity and are not much affected by dust and water.

c. Surface wave touch screen: Ultrasonic waves are passed along the screen surface. A touch is interpreted by its processor when a part of the wave is absorbed at the time of contact with the screen. These are considered to be the most superior in terms of clarity but are extremely sensitive to dust and water.

• Multi-touch Screens: Multi touch screens supports two or more users simultaneously giving inputs to the display system by using touch based commands. One of the commonly known features is the pinch to zoom that we often use in phones and tablets. These have applications for large video walls, digital signage especially in exhibits and meeting conferences.

• Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks: A kiosk is a small, stand-alone booth to encompass the touch screen typically placed in areas to grab the attention of potential customers. Kiosks not only facilitates self-services like bill payments, finding paths, play games but also enhances user experience while increasing the ROI for those companies who choose to deploy them.

Accordingly interactive touch screen displays are categorized as:

a. Information Kiosks: Along with guiding the viewers to give necessary information while checking in a Hospital, Hotel or a Government institute, it can also be used for security, dispensing tickets and bill payments.

b. Internet Kiosks: Often placed in public places, libraries, cafes, museums or events provides paid or free access to internet. The goal is to provide quick access to surfing or send a mail or two.

c. Wayfinding Kiosks: These are often placed at the entrance of a mall, exhibitions, museums, hospitals and MNC’s to find a given location with the help of inbuilt 2D or 3D map layout of the entire building or campus.

d. Advertising Signage: Often used to showcase the company brand, product or to view a live telecast in a trade event, product galleries, fashion shows and stadiums

• Touch screen Plasmas and Monitors: These are LCD screens with touch overlays with or without mirroring. Theses often find its applications in gaming consoles, conference boardrooms, POS systems (Point of Sale), PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant), classrooms in schools and colleges, ATMs and in DCS systems or assembly lines in industrial automation sector.

VRS Technologies LLC is committed towards their customers in offering customized solutions to cater their every need and requirement at the earliest. We ensure that all sections are being covered under the Touch screen rentals in Dubai along with optimal lease time for usage. To collaborate with Interactive Touch Screen Rental, visit our website today and our customer service team will get back to you to fulfil your needs.

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