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Weighing the feature benefits before the installation of CCTV camera

CCTV cameras are meant to perform one basic function which is to detect and capture everything live in real time. They might differ in their features but the purpose is one and the same i.e. to keep an eye on your assets or offer safety.

Particularly at home, installation of CCTV camera helps in catching the burglars or deters them from breaking into the house. VRS Technologies is a home security expert offering to assist you in determining the right combination and installation of CCTV cameras for your security needs. We provide both security and surveillance cameras for your home depending upon the necessity. In general, surveillance cameras merely record but security cameras alert by detecting unexpected situations within the field of view.



VRS Technologies will help you decide on the CCTV camera suited for the particular purpose with the features they have to offer.

The General Features Of Home Security Cameras That Differentiate One From The Other Are:

Field of view

The field of view determines as to how far the angle of the camera can record things. With a camera covering a wider angle there is a reduction in the number of cameras required.


The feature of sound allows receiving sound through the microphone or emitting sound through the speaker or both. Cameras with both the elements can act like intercoms.


Resolution helps the image to be clearer in order to identify the persons better. Better the resolution better is the visibility.

Detecting the motion

The motion detection is a worthwhile feature detecting the motion within its field of view and sending notifications on the same to alert in case of any suspicious activity.


The CCTV camera coming with Wi-Fi can work without any wiring so the wires are less vulnerable to being interfered or cut.

Vision during the night

The activities happening in the night are less visible and the camera that is able to provide visibility of images during no-light or less light situations is highly helpful.

Moving or static

A camera that is able to move can cover and record a larger area than the static camera that is fixed. This also reduces the necessity for more cameras for surveillance.

VRS Technologies, CCTV camera provider in Dubai is stacked with high quality security products to match your budget requirements. Before and after taking up the task of providing the CCTV camera installation and services, we educate and assist our customers about what is best for them.

To tie up with us for our CCTV camera installation and services in Dubai and UAE, call VRS Technologies at +971-55-5182748 or refer to our website for additional details.