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VRS Computers Offers AMC for Servers like Never Before

It is better to go by the adage ‘prevention is better than cure’, where computers are concerned. It basically translates to maintaining superior quality standards for our computers, especially the servers before their functionality is hit to avoid any chance of data loss.

For all sorts of repairs and periodical maintenance, Annual Maintenance Contract for Servers, laptops, and desktops, VRS Computers is most adept at providing hassle free service to their clients.


What Is A Server?

A Computer in a network that manages the other computer resources is called a server. It is basically a program that makes a computer a server; as that particular program provides services to the other computers in the network.

Types Of Servers

There are many kinds of servers-
• File Server – A dedicated computer that stores all the files from all the computers in the network is a file server.
• Printer Server – A Computer that manages printers is called a printer Server
• Database Server – A Computer that provides solution to all the database queries is called a database server
• Proxy Server – An intermediary computer between the endpoint computer that makes a request and the server that processes the request is called a proxy server.
• Web Server – A Computer that processes the requested HTML pages or files as required by the client computer is called a web Server. For example, when we request the web page from our browser, the request reaches the concerned web server and the HTML page is opened at the clients’ end.
• Dedicated Server – It is a server that does not perform any functionality other than serving the needs of the computers in the network. A dedicated server could be a printer server.

What Do We Do In AMC Of Servers At VRS Technologies?

Our team of dedicated professionals performs periodical checks of the servers to avoid any sort of breakdowns. In a case of any issues, it is duly communicated to the clients right away. With utmost ease and expertise, the technicians will deal with the problems seamlessly without causing any sort of deterioration in terms of work.

What Areas Are Covered In Amcs?

• We provide round the clock customer support to troubleshoot any server related issues
• We perform repair and replacement of defective parts as when required
• We see that the Server is secured from any virus or spyware attacks by installing strong firewalls
• We see to it that there is 100% data recovery and backup.
• We offer Driver updates as and when required
• We also perform defragmentation of Hard Drive.

Why Choose Vrs Computers?

Clients’ requirement is the key factor that drives our every step. We have highly skilled technicians under whose guidance; our experts reach the clients’ site to deliver results to their satisfaction. Employing the latest technology and tools, we keep quality control systems in check to deliver results like – superior functionality and longevity in terms of service etc. At nominal costs we offer top-notch service feeling the pulse of the servers whenever there is maintenance scheduled thereby preventing the breakdown beforehand.

For more details on AMC for servers, contact us today at +971 55 5182748 or email us at

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