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VRS Computers-IT Services at its Best

We aim to bring out quality in the life we lead.

Life becomes easier when IT services are in place. They bolster the support system providing us with key services like security and communication to get our business going without any glitches.

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The presence of IT can be immensely felt in almost every field of business, which is why it is all the more important to choose the right IT services provider. And VRS Computers has been in the business for over a decade presenting the top notch services to its customers across a wide variety of fields with customer satisfaction as its prime objective.

Here is the short overview of the IT Services we venture into.

Structured Fiber Cabling:

A complex telecommunication system that is core to a business, inside a building premise is called structured cabling. Right from choosing the right kind of cables to the efficient planning, flawless implementation, and dedicated maintenance service, we handle the business of setting up the structured cabling for your business seamlessly. With the best quality standards in place, the cables are run abiding by the law/codes/local practices of the area.

Business Telephone PABX System:

Private Automated Branch Exchange (PABX) telephone systems offer an effective communication structure to a business. Integrating the technology and expertise has been our strength right from the beginning. With a team of experts who deliver quality services plan the best-suited PABX system scaling the specific needs of your business. In addition to that, a dedicated customer support and maintenance is also offered just so your business does not suffer any downtime.

CCTV-DVR Services:

Are you freaking out with the increasing crime rate? You can put your fears at bay once have the CCTV install in Dubai at your home or business. It not only offers high-end security giving you the instant footage of the premises but also maximizes the productivity of the employees.  There is no looking back and you can take a long breath of relief once you have the latest CCTV cameras up and running.

Biometric Services:

Biometric services offer next level security to your business. It rules out any sort of malpractices and restricts the unauthorized trespassing in your office premises. Moreover, it has inbuilt time and attendance software that keeps the employees alert.

Cyber Security Services:

To avoid your business from going haywire, as cyber-crimes are taking over across the world, try out our cyber security services today.  With the major countries not spared from the cyber-attacks from the hackers, it is of utmost importance to stay on the top with the best antivirus, firewalls set up to save your business from falling prey to the malicious intents.

IT Consulting and Troubleshooting:

While setting up a new IT service is a major thing, providing service and maintaining it through daily wear and tear is another thing altogether. We at VRS Computers, offer troubleshooting and fixing services for all kinds of IT related problems. Nevertheless, we also offer 24×7 customer support, for instant fixing and troubleshooting.

Data Recovery:

Lot of work goes into collecting the data for your business. But, what happens if there is one corrupt hard disk of the server and the data is lost forever. VRS Computers takes the responsibility of 100% data recovery from all kinds of memory devices right from hard disk drives, SSDs, USB flash, optical media, NAS devices, RAID Volumes, CDs/DVDs etc.

Need help? Contact VRS Computers today to avail the best IT Services in Dubai at +971 55 5182748.