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Video Walls are Finding Surprising New Uses in Different Industries

Light emitting diodes (LED) Video walls have become an essential tool in many industries. Now a day this technology is gaining many uses with which the companies are making profits using LED video wall displays. At VRS Technologies you can find the best quality LED Video wall Rental Dubai. LED Video walls have had less uses before but now almost all the businesses from sports to worship centers have been using LED video walls to promote their business.

LED vs. LCD video walls:

• LED video walls are different from LCD video walls. The lamps for an LCD video walls are fluorescent while that of the LED walls uses light emitting diodes.
• In an LED video wall the LEDs are placed at the edge of the screen in full array lighting.
• Picture quality is one of the debating issues when it comes to LED vs LCD video walls. LED has better video quality when compared to LCD video walls.
• When it comes to energy consumption, LED video walls consume less energy when compared to LCD video walls which makes the LED the best choice.

Video Wall Rental Dubai

New Uses for LED Video Walls:

As the technology surrounding LED video walls continues to evolve, various industries are investing on the LED video walls and using them for various purposes to promote their business. Businesses that use interactive LED video walls create better customer engagement and make their product reach the targeted user.

• LED screens and monitors are used for digital advertising and branding of their products as the LED video walls are visible even from behind the glass and in any given lighting conditions.
• LED video walls are used extensively to display the score in outdoor stadiums for score display and live video for better and unique sports experience. Many of the advertising companies use this platform to promote their product too.

• LED video screens are used in entertainment businesses like clubs, cinemas and theaters which gives the audiences a new experience. These have become the best tools for attracting and retaining the customers.
• LED video walls are used to broad cast the public information for traffic and public transports. As They are seen from any distance these LED video walls are used in sign boards, for public information on streets, airports and rail stations.

Partner with VRS Technologies for Video Wall Rentals:

For an LED video wall to deliver maximum value it is important that it needs to be installed in such a way that it is visible for the right customer. For Businesses considering LED Wall Rental Dubai, UAE choose VRS Technologies for installing LED video walls. We have an experienced team who are committed to customer satisfaction. Do contact us today for renting an LED video wall in Dubai. visit our website –

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