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Video wall series becomes the core component for more product launches

The video walls have drastically changed the marketing domain in the current context and have brought about immense benefits to the advertising company which promotes the products and services.

  • The video walls have several distinct attributes and advantages with reference to its image display capabilities.
  • They instantly provide the relevant information to the clients, visitors or the general audience.


What Are The Architectural Parameters Which Makes Video Walls Unique?

  • As an analogy, a video wall is an amalgamation of multiple screens joined together and synced so that it appears one single screen with more display visibility.
  • Video walls have been bringing about the concept of image splitting which enables the multiple screens to merge as one single image so that the screen can be seen for the distant viewers with absolute clarity.
  • The most important attribute among the video walls in the current context is the bezel thickness, and this has been the most impacting component to bring about uniqueness in the video wall series.

The Advantages Of Video Walls For Product Portfolios

  • Most companies today have explored ample of marketing and promotional materials to advertise their products to the potential audience
  • In this particular horizon, the video walls have brought in the best of flexibility, high performance and less maintenance.
  • The above mentioned parameters makes the product companies to choose video walls to display their product portfolios to the potential audience and instantly benefit with reference to the sales funnel and finally ending up into a return on investment (ROI)
  • The video walls have literally brought in a competitive landscape in the market which has brought in more and more product launches.

The Emergence Of Video Wall Rental Companies

In the current scenario, there has been an upsurge for video walls in the market, as more and more customers demand for video walls as a modest means of promotions. In this upstream market, the rental companies have become the one-stop solution to offer various types of video walls to the consumers for their accomplishments.

The rental companies have been able to bring about various applications of video walls such as the following:

  • Indoor video wall
  • Outdoor video wall
  • Menu board
  • Bill board video walls

The above mentioned components have tremendously increased the scope of advertisements and have thus paved the way for an ever increasing growth in the video wall market.

VRS Technologies has been a pioneer in video wall series and delivered video wall rental dubai to numerous customers for their accomplishments. Our video walls are made of various permutations and combinations and we at VRS Technologies create highly customizable indoor, semi outdoor and outdoor LED Video walls with affordable budget to a wide customer base. Please approach us at +971 4 3866001 and visit us at for more information on Video wall series.

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