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Top Reasons to Rent iPad Kiosks at Exhibition

Exhibiting at a trade show, with the right strategy and technology can be a profitable choice.

iPads are versatile gadgets that help in engaging visitors at exhibitions and events. The sleek design and portability are the two key factors why exhibitors choose iPads.

iPads provide customers an immersive viewing experience with their wide range of apps and advanced features.

iPad Rental Dubai

How to Use iPads at Events?

  •         The large screen iPads like the 12.9 inch iPad Pro can be used in a group for team-building activities and games at events.
  •         Due to its ease of use, the application of iPads at kiosks and seeking opinion polls and surveys at the events is paramount.
  •         The complex presentation can be easily presented using the iPads, especially with its Retina display and being lightweight like iPad Air adds to the experience.
  •         iPads set up on the kiosk stands can be used as guide maps in the large malls.
  •         iPads are perfect for the self-generation of tokens at unmanned service centers.
  •       The aim is to go paperless. In addition to providing brochures and maps at events, iPads also serve as a great way to engage clients.
  •         Social media information about products and services on the iPad enables attendees to connect online. This user information is helpful for promotions and collecting feedback.
  •         iPad kiosks help organizations design the right exhibition stand for the right audience. It helps in attracting the targeted audience and gives a boost to the brand image.
  •         Visitors walking by the exhibition stand can easily use the iPad to connect to the products and services. iPad kiosks at exhibition stands remove the necessity for a dedicated resource to explain product details.   

VRS Technologies offers the latest iPad Rental Dubai to enhance the customer experience at exhibition stands. We are the leading providers of the latest iPads of all versions and sizes in Dubai.

Being a sensible partner, we realize your every need. We understand your requirement that an iPad needs an iPad stand as well, especially at the events. We carry the floor-length to the table length kiosk stands for varied use at the events. Moreover, to prevent damages to the iPads, we also offer security cases with foam padding for impact resistance. To prevent iPad thefts, which are more likely to take place at the events, we also provide security cable locks.

iPads are helpful to enhance the customer experience and improve brand image at exhibition stands.

Visit for the latest iPad rental in Dubai. 

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