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Top Digital Signage Design Tips for Events

Organizers use digital signage as a strategic focal point to create engaging events.

Digital signage at trade shows, individual events, or exhibitions, boosts the energy at the event and transforms the event from average to awesome.

The main attraction of digital signage is the content displayed on it. Event organizers must create content with an innovative design for grabbing the audience’s attention.

Tips to Design Engaging Digital Signage Content:


Use a 16:9 aspect ratio. An aspect ratio is the ratio of the width and height of an image. While using PowerPoint or Google slides to design content, the default setting is 16:9.

Use 1920px X 1080px as dimensions while designing the program.

A 4K monitor has more pixels than an HD monitor of the same size.

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Layout and Hierarchy:

A clear hierarchy is important for any design. For digital signage, it’s especially important because hierarchy quickly communicates what’s most important, and in what order, so the viewer instantly gathers meaning.

Start by ranking each element on the digital signage from most to least important. Emphasizing different elements in your hierarchy can be achieved through sizing, colour, contrast, placement, typeface, and negative space.

Increase the contrast

Viewing angles affect a screen’s ability to display contrasting colours. Ensuring maximum contrast between background and text will make the content clearer at more angles beyond viewing the signage head-on.

Consider the viewing time while designing the content

The average time an attendee is expected to see the content on the digital signage is called the dwell time. The quality of the content takes one second of the audience’s attention to keep them engaged.

Dwell time depends on the location and placement of the Touch screen. If the digital signage is at eye level and in the waiting area, then a longer dwell time is expected when compared to digital signage placed on a busy walkway.

Viewing distance

The content displayed on a Touch screen should be designed for a clear view keeping in mind the viewing distance. It would be more appropriate to have a smaller font for closer viewing. For digital signage placed at busy walkaways and a higher elevation, the content should be bigger and bolder for clear viewing.


The content should be simple and of clear understanding. People viewing the content should understand and absorb the meaning instantly. Designing the content with a fewer number of elements helps to emphasize more on the message rather than the design.

Dynamic content

By using dynamic content rather than static content with a few animations and other subtle movement effects, organizers can enhance their message.

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