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Top 4 iPad Conference Apps for Upcoming Event

iPads are not only limited to the Swift processors and High Resolution:

With a stretched Battery life of Ten hours, iPads possess High end Software and Operating System. However, the iPad Applications, serve and make your Events reach the pinnacle of Success!! Additionally, Web based Applications are better compared to the Native Applications because it permits the Last minute changes before and during the conference. To the contrast, Native Applications could not be changed once the Code is already present on the iPad. At the same time, with a Web based Application, we need to keep an Eagle’s eye on the Wi-Fi at the venue. A Network array might also be required to boost the Wi-Fi Bandwidth. Furthermore, the Price point of each Application varies depending on its own development and the extent it could support your Event.


iPad Hire Dubai


These are the four iPad Conference Applications:

  1. Outset, it is a Web based Mobile Application.
  • Favours Simultaneous updation of all the devices.
  • Full conference Agenda.
  • Personal Agenda Building.
  • Can create Event alerts.
  • Exhibitor’s Guide for Trade Show.
  • Exhibitor Floor Plan.
  • Can be integrated with Social Media platforms such as Facebook, RSS Feeds, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Can run on Computer Kiosks.


  1. EventKaddy: It is a Native Application. As usual, this applications favours a complete Personal Agenda creation and supports a Full Conference Agenda. It creates Event alerts too!! The uniqueness lies in:
  • Has Attendee Networking Tools.
  • Consists of Multimedia Exhibitor Listings.
  • Digital Brochures.
  • Exhibitor Floor Plans and Maps which are engaging.
  • It has been used in Western Veterinary Conference, Electronic Survey Expo, Exhibition and Convention Executives Forum, Autodesk and ACMSIGGRAPH, to name a few…


  1. Quick Mobile: Apart from the Full Conference Agenda and the Personal Agenda Builder, the “Out of the Box” features of Quick Mobile lies in:
  • Proves City Guide with Former’s integration.
  • Additional capabilities within the Application for the Exhibitors, Attendees and Speakers.
  • Pathable, Twitter and Facebook is integrated with Social Media.
  • To name a few conferences, where this Application has been used is PhoCusWright Conference, GBTA Convention, SAP Sapphire Now Conference, Cruise3Sixty, Hilton Worldwide Owners Meeting and the ASHRM Phoenix Conference.


  1. Zerista: It is a Web based Application and possessing as usual features of a Personal Agenda builder along with Full Conference Agenda, it has:
  • Attendee Directory with personal profiles.
  • Attendee matching which aligns on the experience and interests.
  • Facebook and Twitter can be integrated with Social Media.
  •  Booth Locator.
  • Floor Plans.
  • Exhibitor Diary and
  • City Guide.


VRS Technologies LLC provides iPads on rent, which has these Unique Applications: Our team is reachable on +971-55-5182748 for iPad Hire Dubai .

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