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Things you Want to Know about Photocopier Rentals

A Photocopier is an essential part of office equipment for small or big businesses. It becomes a burden for the organisation to procure photocopiers because of the lump-sum money required upfront.

The photocopiers become outdated after a few years of use. Organizations can reduce their operational costs by choosing Photocopier Rentals Dubai.

Photocopiers on lease or rent provide the convenience of choosing the photocopier with customised features and the desired rental period as per the need.

Photocopier Rental Dubai

Things to know for Copier rentals in Dubai:

Print Volume: Photocopiers perform multiple functionalities like printing, fax, scanning, and copying. It is essential to determine the copier’s print volume based on the average monthly prints necessary for your organization. The Average Monthly Print Volume of the printer varies from copier to copier. If a printer used to print extra copies more than its capacity will give away soon. Similarly, a printer less than its capacity also does not serve the purpose. When opting for Copier rentals, it is necessary to determine the approximate prints required every month.

Size of the paper: The print volume of a photocopier depends on the size of the paper. The standard paper size of a photocopier is 8.5×11 inches, any paper of a larger size is considered as two papers. This helps to track the number of prints used during a month.

Duty cycle: It is the production capacity of the photocopier. The number of copies a photocopier prints continuously with limited breaks determines the productivity of a copier. It includes the time to clear any paper jams and feed the paper.

Choose AMPV over duty cycle: The duty cycle of a photocopier helps in achieving the speed of printing copies. But it is of no use if the AMPV is low. A photocopier producing 45-55 pages per minute does not serve the purpose if the AMPV is 10,000 pages per month. Therefore, it is necessary to give more importance to the AMPV for increased productivity and maximum efficiency.

Copier rentals in Dubai are beneficial for organizations because they can select the photocopier with specific features suitable for their office tasks.

VRS Technologies offers hire, lease copiers in Dubai for various organisations. Photocopier Rentals from us are a cost-effective option.

Our photocopier rentals offer the choice for our customers to select the latest equipment and provide the flexibility to upgrade to a newer version whenever the need arises.

Our qualified technicians ensure keeping the photocopiers in fully working condition and provide quick support to our customers whenever needed.

We offer customised photocopiers with flexible rental packages to suit every customer requirement. We have the best copier models like multifunctional, desktop, colour, and mono or black and white copiers.

Visit for further information regarding Photocopier rentals in Dubai.  

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