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Structured cabling is an organised way of setting up the telecommunication system within a building or premises. It basically uses the structures, the elements that encompass patch panels and trunks to enable moves, additions and changes to the structure easily with the help the short patch cables.  This is in total contrast to the most common practice, the point to point system, where the data cables are used directly to connect the hardware.  We at VRS Computers have a proficient team of in-house technicians who are experts in setting up structured cabling making us one of the best structured cabling companies in Dubai.

Structured fiber cabling Dubai
Benefits Of Structured Cabling:

  • First and foremost, making moves, additions and changes using the structured cables is much more easier as compared to the point to point system as in the latter large cables are used to connect to the hardware . On the other hand, the structured cables use the MDAs (Main Distribution Areas) for establishing connection with the hardware with the help of short patch cables.
  • The structured cabling with its organised set up has no room for human errors therefore results in minimal downtime.
  • When it comes to checking the network connections, it is much simpler job to trace the cables and the ports due to its organised structure
  • Structured cabling enables a much neater and spruced up look, for the changes are made at the MDAs as against the hardware directly resulting in a cleaner appearance near the switch.

While these are the benefits of the structured cabling, there are many risks associated with the non-implementation of the structured cabling network. Complicated, tangled network leaves room for errors. Right from connecting to wrong ports due to incorrect tracing of the ports and cables to the congested cabling bulk, which can translate to cooling issues, may arise with the use of unstructured cabling.

Why Is Structured Cabling So Important?

As the structured cabling becomes the backbone for any organization, due to its extensive use for voice, data and voice to manage the security system, security alarms in a company, it should be established incorporating the standard laws and practices meant for that building. We at VRS Computers see to it that the local laws/ordinances are duly followed to avoid any sort of confusion at a later time.

Why choose VRS Computers amongst all the structured cabling companies in Dubai?

  • We use standard methods while installing the structured cabling. We follow the standards set by the government while designing, installing, and maintaining cabling installations.
  • We check the quality control and output tests using the latest technology.
  • We have technicians approved by the manufacturers themselves for error free installations
  • We make use of standard products to enhance the longevity of the network installations
  • We offer the comprehensive package right from checking the premises for structured cabling installations to performing quality check for cable certificate and compliance.

VRS Computers is a market leader among the structured cabling companies in Dubai, contact us for more details at +971 55 5182748.