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Should you Lease or Buy a Photocopier?

Every office nowadays is equipped with a multifunctional photocopier that carries out essential operations like scanning, printing, copying, and fax.

Small scale businesses often look for ways to save on the initial cost of investment. Though the photocopier is an essential part of the office infrastructure, buying one at the initial stages of business is not recommended.

Photocopier rentals are a better option to save the initial cost of investment. Businesses can opt for flexible rental packages to suit their specific needs.

Photocopier Rental Dubai

Advantages of leasing a photocopier:

The photocopier is owned by the dealer or company while opting for a lease. There is no burden on the company taking the photocopier on lease like upgrade, maintenance and arranging a permanent storage place in the office for the photocopier. All these are taken care of by the service provider. The service provider gives the option to buy the copier after a certain period of time.

The photocopier is a depreciating asset as the machine becomes obsolete after a few years of use. With new machines available in the market the older versions give low return on investment. This is one of the disadvantages of buying a photocopier. A photocopier on lease on the other hand is always an asset to the company as there is no outright spending of money, monthly easy instalments can be paid that will free up more available credit to be used for expanding the business.

Buying a photocopier with less amount of budget restricts buyers to opt for a less efficient machine that does not serve the desired purpose. Instead a photocopier rental allows users to lease a photocopier of any cost and with all the necessary features required that would otherwise not be able to afford.

The major advantage of a photocopier on lease is free-maintenance of the device. The service provider takes care of all the maintenance related issues along with the photocopier lease. This saves a lot of valuable time and also the burden of searching for a service provider every time a problem arises in the device.

Photocopier lease gives the choice of selecting the latest model photocopier, get it upgraded when the need arises, and exchange the device when the latest version arrives in the market.

Leasing a photocopier is helpful to small businesses as it helps to manage the finances. Fixed rentals for the lease make budget planning easier for businesses.

VRS Technologies offers latest technology Photocopier Rental Dubai for organisations. Our photocopier rentals are offered at affordable prices. Our in-house team of experts provide 24×7 support and maintenance services.

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