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Should the Small, Medium Businesses Buy or Rent Printers in Dubai?

There are many factors that influence the success of the business. However, the right set of employees and the IT hardware are the couple of the most important assets that can convert a mediocre business into a large enterprise. The big question is if a business were to rent or buy the IT equipment like the printers and copiers, which is the ideal step to take? Let’s discuss if it is more advantageous to buy or Rent Printer for small and medium-sized businesses in this blog. At VRS Technologies, we offer a wide range of economic to most advanced printers for rent in Dubai.

Rent Printer

What are the advantages if you rent printers?

While there are always pros and cons of leasing printers, the businesses are recommended to take the step based on their unique requirements. Let’s see how renting printers can turn out to be advantageous in your business case.

1. Need of advanced printing technology: Basic printers are quite capable of handling the regular printing jobs, however, when there is a need of special printing jobs like color prints, printers with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology, or to meet the requirement of large numbers of prints, more advanced printer models are required. But, these high-quality printers are expensive.

This is where leasing a printer is the smartest step to take. Renting a printer enables acquiring the most advanced technology printers at an affordable cost. The latest technology printers also help in handling business tasks more efficiently and in a timely manner.

2. Keeps the technology from becoming obsolete: When you rent a printer, it is not a permanent arrangement. You can always fall back to other options like choosing a better printer model which exactly suits your business requirement or the latest printer with more features.

3. Saves upfront cost: This has always been the trump card that lures all the small and medium-sized businesses. If you rent printers or copiers, you are essentially chucking the huge investment costs without compromising on the quality.

4. Estimates the regular cash outflow: Another advantage of renting a printer is you can determine the cash outflow beforehand. Such strategies are always important for especially the small businesses as they can plan the investment accordingly.

5. Saves service, maintenance, and repair costs: When you own a printer though you get the leeway to conduct the service and maintenance of the tech equipment at your own pace, if you are looking for cost-saving, renting a printer is an answer. Most of the leasing contracts cover regular maintenance and repair costs.

What are the Disadvantages if you rent printers?

1. The most common complaint is that in the long run, the cost of leasing outruns the cost of acquisition. A cost of a good quality printer which can be bought at $5000 is lesser than paying the rent of $100 for 5 years which amounts to $6000 eventually.

Our Advice: We advise you to consider to rent printers for a shorter duration of time through which you can enjoy the best of the two worlds.

2. Lock in periods: Another common qualm we have come across is that some leasing companies offer the contract with lock-in periods which do not allow you to discontinue the lease during the period.

Our Advice: Talking and negotiating with the leasing company for a mutually beneficial contract helps in addressing such issues.

As with any service, the disadvantages are also a part and parcel while opting to rent printers. However, the key is to identify the priority and address the shortcomings. At VRS Technologies, we offer to rent printers of all makes and models including the most advanced technologies.

For printer rentals in Dubai, contact us at +971-55-5182748 or visit our website for more information.

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