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Rent the printer of your choice from VRS Technologies

Where there are computers, there are printers accompanying them. A printer generates paper copies of the information on a computer, making it utmost useful.

It can produce several copies at one go, meeting the demand of a large number of copies. It is evident any printing purpose needs a printer. But if the purpose demands a big number of printers and saving money is what one would like to choose, you can rent the printer. Plus, with a large number of brands and models of printers available in the market, it is a real cause of confusion to decide on the printer. While choosing a printer, you should keep a few things in mind-the quality, speed and cost.

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The Most Commonly Used Printers Are:

1) Ink Jet Printers

With the ink jet printer, one can have the advantage of printing documents with sound quality and keeping the maintenance cost low simultaneously. In most cases, these printers produce with quality. But certain businesses demand the highest quality and so at those times, it is better to check for the same.
An ink jet printer produces images by spraying ink through the nozzles onto the pages. Printing cost of pages is less but the ink is expensive.

2) Desk Jet

The desk jet printers are cheaper, more compact and mostly used in households. These printers are referred to as basic models and if more features are desired, you can get them in the higher models.
The additional features offered by the higher models cost extra money. As it is the basic model, its speed is also limited to being slow.

3) Laser Printers

A laser printer produces copies of greater quality compared to an ink jet printer but is costlier. This printer is high speeded and is usually ideal for graphics and business documents.
It uses a laser beam to draw images on a drum that is sensitive to light. The drum in turn catches the fine powdered ink called toner and transfers it to the paper, creating images.

4) Bar Code

Bar code printers are used for printing bar code labels or tags on objects. Usually, shipped or retail items are labeled with these printers. The bar code printers find an important place in different markets, industries, warehouses and manufacturing units.

The specialty of these printers is they have larger capacities of printing copies and at a high speed. Unlike the other printers, they do not use ink but heat.
Do you want to Rent a Printer or hire it for lease? VRS Technologies Dubai has a wide choice of printers in front of you. It is time to think wise and avoid the huge cost of purchasing printers. For the big number of printers that you need for multiple purposes, we are here to offer you high end quality printers for rent.

For printer rental or lease, call VRS Technologies at +971 55 5182748 or refer to our website for more detail.

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