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Rent iPads for Events Augment the Experience with Kiosk Stands Security Cases

iPads are Literally the Game-Changers, find out why!

What a creative way of using the iPads? Recently we have come across a piece of a story, which spoke about how an artist drew the cover page of ‘The New Yorker’, a weekly current affairs magazine, using an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

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It is not unusual to try art with iPad Pro, but what makes it special is that top artists are using the iPads instead of watercolors and pencils for illustrations of the coveted magazines. People with a creative bent of mind are all the more invited to Rent iPads for Events or personal use as the sky is the limit for those who like to think out of the box. We at VRS Technologies encourage you to try your hand with the latest iPads and find out what you can unfold with the Apple iPads.

Having said that, not long before, there was a suggestion made by an ardent iPad user that, why not integrate the iPads with the treadmill use? This makes a lot of sense to us as well. The treadmills that have the extensive display to show many other features apart from the basic heart rate tracker and active workout data- like the news and weather information come very expensive. Moreover, treadmill users hardly check all that information except probably the heart rate monitor and use the iPads, which are almost the same size as that of the treadmill dashboards for entertainment. Instead, the suggestion was that why doesn’t Apple create an app that offers the workout dashboard experience. This means, buying the most basic treadmill and use the Apple iPad you already own for the expensive treadmill experience (The iPad can read the workout details from the Apple watch, which is already in existence for tracking the fitness details during the workout).  This can actually work!

Personal use apart, the use of iPads at events is extensive.
•    The large screen iPads like the 12.9 inch iPad Pro can be used in a group for team building activities and games at events.
•    Due to its ease of use, the application of iPads at kiosks and seeking opinion poll and surveys at the events is paramount.
•    The complex presentation can be easily presented using the iPads especially with its Retina display and being lightweight like iPad Air adds to the experience.
•    iPads set up on the kiosk stands can be used as guide maps in the large malls.
•    iPads are perfect for self-generation of tokens at unmanned service centers.
•    The aim is to go paperless. The iPads offer a perfect way to provide the attendees at the events with brochures, maps etc, which will not only serve the purpose but is a great way to engage the clients.

VRS Technologies Covers your A-Z iPad needs…

Being a sensible partner, we realize your every need. We can gauge your requirement that when you need an iPad, you need an iPad stand as well, especially at the events. We carry the floor length to the table length kiosk stands for varied use at the events. Moreover, to prevent damages of the iPads, we also offer the security cases with foam padding for impact resistance. To prevent iPad thefts, which are more likely to take place at the events, we also provide security cable locks to prevent such mishappenings.

Rent iPads for events to experience the entire gamut of iPad use. Contact us for more details at +971 55 5182748.

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