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Raise your Competency by Using Photocopier Rental Services

Even in this digital age, a photo copier machine abides to be the intricate part of the administration and research segments within the office. Today’s well equipped photocopier machines allow you to generate quality copies promptly and economically. Irrespective of its reaping benefits it incurs huge operational and maintenance cost on the business. So, renting the devices instead of buying them happens to be a better option for small and medium businesses.

Why to abide by the Photocopier Rental Services in Dubai?

1. High-tech Photocopier: VRS Technologies render the highest quality supreme printers which bring about high-end quality print. You will always be well equipped with latest technology printer and photocopiers and won’t have the fear of your photocopier getting outdated. Our tech support will assist you in upgrading your machine as and when required. It will in-turn cater to your growing business needs and facilities.

Photocopier Rental Dubai

2. Minimal Downtime: If in case of breakdown, the photocopier can be replaced with another one within minimal Turn-Around time (TAT). This will minimize the downtime required for the repair and maintenance of the defective machine. This will ensure the smooth operations and flow of work within the organization.

3. Varied Configuration and make: VRS are pioneers in Photocopier Rental Dubai when it comes to the range of multi-functional printers and photocopiers that we incorporate. Whether it’s the HP laser Jet 1102 printer or the Bar code printer Z4M Plus or BIZHUB C454 copier model we provide value added service with our in-house expert team of professionals.

4. Save on Capital: Renting the photocopier will save on the initial investment cost which will allow you for the flexibility in the cash flow. Also you may save up on the money incurred to pay the monthly interest rates if you opt for a loan. With lease agreements you don’t have to pay an extra penny even if rental rates surge during your lease tenure.

5. Advanced features: Along with the basic features like collating, faxing, binding, duplexing, scanning etc, VRS offers photocopier rentals with additional software having cutting edge technological features as follows:

6. Mobile printing: With incorporating the mobile printing software the copier can print from any device.

a. Security and encryption: The data being the most confidential part of an organization, the photocopiers can encrypt documents that are scanned, printed or copied and are stored on your network for ease of traceability.
b. Send to email or cloud: Copiers can send the scanned copies to a predefined email address or the cloud network.
c. Save to PDF or word: Every time you make a copy a scan a document, it can get converted to PDF or Word file with inclusion of certain software.
d. Copying a part of page: This feature allows you to print a certain part of a page that you may want to copy or print.

If you are looking forward to hire a high-end, multifunctional photocopier machines on lease, VRS technologies LLC is a one-stop solution for Photocopier Rental Services in Dubai. For more details and quotes, get in touch with us at 055-5182748 or visit our website

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