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Printer repair become the vital exercise for numerous users

rinters have been the most vital asset for any organizations as far as the fulfilling of certain mundane mandates are concerned and in this particular viewpoint, the printer repair and the subsequent maintenance schedule becomes the most important entity in restoring the healthy life-span of the printers for an optimal performance.

The printer repair Dubai has emerged as one of the pivotal places for most of the users who are quite keen on having their printer repairs and maintenance schedule executed. Since there are multiple brands of printers available in the consumer market today, it becomes quite a challenge for the printer repair technicians to clear the bottleneck and then to bring the back the device back to normalcy.

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Some Of The Common Problems Of The Printer And Their Instant Remedies

Printer paper jam:

Printer paper jams sometimes become very frustrating and also embarrassing for the users who are at their threshold of taking the hand-outs for their interim meeting sessions. The paper jams could be because of the improper placement of the print papers in the tray or the improper alignment of the print heads over the paper which might lead to the paper jam.

However, proper precautions have to be in place when resorting to the paper jam removal, one should be very careful while removing the paper from the cartridge and ensuring that the paper does not get torn.

Printer cartridge problems:

printer cartridge is an essential component to execute the fine prints from the printer and problems such as faint print image, dark spots could at times arise owing to the problems of cartridge ink. In this case, the cartridge has to be re-filled with new ink toner or replaced with a new cartridge so that the print quality can be improved.

Printer cartridge alignment problem:

Printer cartridge alignment problem is attributed towards the hardware related issue as sometimes when the cartridge does not get into the printer groove then the problem arises. The alignment problem often leads to the paper jams or paper getting crippled while executing the print in certain instances.

Printer often dispenses extra papers during the print execution:

Often in many instances, it is found that the printer dispensing extra papers during the course of a print execution. The problem can be resolved by checking the printer settings and changing the settings if possible so that the problem could be avoided.

Printer connectivity problems:

The printer connectivity problems are more prevalent with the network printer and often it is found that the printer jumps of the network because of poor LAN signals. However, the problem can be resolved by ensuring the network bandwidth and then further bringing back the printer to the network again. Often, the printer connectivity problems can be attributed to the improper plugging of the network interface card or the NIC card to the printer terminal and the system terminal.

The cabling system sometimes brings about the stoppage of the printer function:

The technology ecosystem has undergone a sea change with reference to the connectivity of the printer with the mainline computer systems in a networked environment. The parallel cables of yesteryears are hardly used in the current generation cable connectivity and have been completely replaced by USB connections. In the event that these parallel cablings are getting into trouble, the essential remedy to practice is to check the network bandwidth.

VRS Technologies have been the prolific player in the consumer market to attend to the printer related problems and if the user is facing a technical glitch due to the printer, please approach us at VRS Technologies and call us at  +971-55-5182748 and visit us at

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