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Power Concerns out of the way with MacBook Repair Dubai

MacBooks are designed in a way to have a smooth user experience as they are unlikely to complain of troubleshooting issues.

However, you cannot have a blind trust that an issue or two is never going to occur. When things go wrong with a MacBook, of course, they need a fix. For MacBook Repair Dubai, VRS Technologies is a reliable destination with years of trusted excellence.




The Mac might complain with various troubleshooting issues and one hassle with your MacBook is not responding to the power button, denying starting up or Mac OS X may crash. In either case, having the MacBook in trouble is a dismay which lasts until the trouble is fixed.

If The Macbook Is Not Responding To The Power Button, Here Are A Few Steps To Help You Out:-

Check if the MacBook has power in it:

Plug the Mac into a power source and try using a different charger or a power outlet or a different cable. If the battery of the MacBook is completely dead, you may wait for some time for it to be turned on. It may not boot up immediately.

Hardware check-up:

Any recent changes  you have made in the hardware might be a cause of the problem with turning on. Installing RAM or replacing a new hard drive might be the cause. Either, placing the old hardware back or ensuring the hardware is securely fixed in the MacBook will help. If this does not work either, the peripherals may have to be unplugged before booting the Mac.

Performing a power cycle:

If the Mac is frozen and not responding when the power button is pressed, the trouble can be fixed by stopping the supply of the power to it and forcing it to restart. You could do this by pressing the power button and holding it on for 10 seconds, especially in case the Mac comes without a removable battery. The MacBook, if at all, is running, will be able to cut down the power to it and force it to restart.

In case of a Mac with a removable battery, it could be shut down, unplugged, battery removed and waited for ten seconds before reinserting again.

Resetting the system management control:

As the last option to try all the power presses, it might be time to reset the system management control on the Mac. The steps tried for Macs with the removable battery and the ones without the removable battery are different.

With the Mac with no removable battery, the power cable should be plugged in. Right after that, you should press the shift+control+option key on the left side of the key board and the power button and hold all together. All the four buttons released at the same time, the power button should be pressed to turn on the Mac.
MacBooks with a removable battery should be unplugged from the power source and then the battery removed. The power button should be held and stayed on for five seconds.

Then, after releasing the power button, the battery be reinserted, the Mac plugged in to the power source and the power button turned on.

The concern might be a power related or something more serious or complex MacBook repair, VRS Technologies stands by you.

Contact VRS Technologies at +971-55-5182748 so we could strive our best to solve the issue holding your MacBook back from running on its usual course. Refer to our website  for further detail of the Macbook Repair and Laptop Repair services.