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Possibilities of DVR camera installations to multiple TV screen monitors

In today’s times, most customers are quite keen in having the live streaming of the CCTV camera onto their desktop computer screens or laptop screens or possibly get into the TV, instead of just having a recorded version of the CCTV footages.

In this particular transition, the DVR camera installation has come a long way in having to get the CCTV camera to directly get plugged into the TV monitor or any other computer screens for the live proceedings.

Further, through this DVR camera, one can prolifically connect to the HD security camera in both the pixel series of 720p and 1080p through an HDMI monitor.

In the recent years, there has been a complete revolution towards the CCTV and DVR installation based cameras. Overall these cameras have been phenomenally designed to reduce the installation costs and have become the popular series to have their setup done at most of the offices and home for surveillance purposes.

DVR camera installation

In A Particular Scenario, Let Us Understand As To How The Dvr To Get Connected To A Tv?

In order to reap the benefit of having to view the DVR camera installation in order to have an optimal view over the TV by using the multiple camera projections; there are two possibilities such as the following:

  • The CCTV quad processor (which gives the compatibility to 4 cameras at one time)
  • The CCTV multiplexer (which gives the compatibility to 16 cameras at one time)

These alignments could possibly integrate the multiple video signals together.

The Cctv Quad Processor:

The VM-Q401 A color quad processor has been predominantly been used as CCTV camera systems which could take analog video input from up to 4 CCTV cameras and split/switch the video output based on the user’s preference. Typically, the VM-Q401A has been used as a quad screen splitter which could accommodate 4 cameras on one screen., however, this CCTV quad allows the users to control the video display output using the following modes: quad split, full screen, PIP (picture in picture), dual screen (2 camera split), auto sequence.

The Cctv Multiplexer:

The CCTV multiplexer or the VM-16RT video mux can give the compatibility to support 16 cameras for both the analog pictures and the video footage. The CCTV multiplexer uses the BNC connectors to transmit analog video devices and which predominantly uses the RCA connectors using the RCA cables.Technically, the CCTV multiplexer comprises of 16 BNC video inputs and 16 BNC video outputs and these outputs can be very much instrumental in connecting to the multiple monitors or the TV monitors and serve as the best surveillance component.

The CCTV multiplexer or the VM-16RT brings with it the zoom camera series or the Pan-Tilt-Zoom or the PTZ cameras (The PTZ camera are generally used as the professional video cameras which are used in television studios or the sporting events and other mega-events.) This CCTV multiplexer is a device which can be completely controlled over the wireless remote control which in turn controls the switching of the screen views and to simultaneously access and controlling on security display settings.

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