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Panasonic phone systems better than traditional PABX

PABX is an advanced telephone system to manage the incoming and outgoing calls in a company. A single or multiple public lines are connected to the PABX system of a company to divert calls to various departments.

In particular, Panasonic PABX telephone systems  are tailor-made to office environment and also budget-friendly. We at VRS Technologies in Dubai assure you a big choice of Panasonic telephone systems to meet your business needs. Say good bye to all the traditional telecommunications and think new.

Panasonic Phone Systems Are Available As:

IP phone systems:-

Panasonic IP phones offer a good communication and flexibility in your business.  One can gain access to a bunch of extraordinary features and applications of this phone system. With a host of supportive features and applications, Panasonic has a wide range of options to fulfill business needs.

Hybrid phone systems:-

Hybrid phone systems are advanced and best suitable for home or office communications but with the maximum output. It works as both a telephone system and an intercom. Specific lines to each phone can be assigned or room to room or office to office intercom calls can be made at the touch of a button.

Digital phone systems:-

Panasonic digital phones have a user-friendly interface with powerful features. You can expect a superior performance for longer. With its advanced features it gives a boost up in the business.

Analogue phone systems:-

Analogue phone systems too offer a host of advanced features for efficient, flexible call management for business.

Panasonic Pabx Phones Make Communication Effective By Offering:

  •  Cord-less Cellular compatibility
    •    Call center features
    •    Caller ID
    •    Welcome messages
    •    Voice recording
    •    Email Integration
    •    Voice mail
    •    Music on hold
    •    VoIP phone facility and a lot more

The Panasonic hybrid, digital and analog systems when worked in collaboration with IP technology, can provide wireless communication within the company. Panasonic PABX phone system handles the voice over internet protocol (VoIP). While the traditional PABX requires separate lines for data and voice, the IP based system works on data alone and save much cost.

Get access to our telephone systems in Dubai for an enhanced telecommunication in your business. We at VRS Technologies have left the choice to you. As your business demands, so you opt for the suitable telephone system and experience the desired growth you want in your business.

Contact VRS Technologies at +971 55 5182748  or Email us at for installing of our Panasonic phone systems.