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PABX System and its Role in Business Telecommunications

Have you ever watched the movies dating back to 1980’s or before? If you have, it is hard to miss a telephone operator connecting the lines to the required person in one movie or the other.

Private Automated Branch Exchange (PABX) is more or less the same concept. Imagine a company of 32 odd employees. It is simple math. If each employee in the company needs a telephone, then the company needs all 32 lines for each and every employee. But, that would certainly be a costly affair. This is where the PABX comes into picture. A PABX is the answer to meet all the telephone requirements within a company. VRS Computers offers PABX for your business telecommunication system, which

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• maintains high quality
• significantly cheaper than the regular telephone line
• Offers flexibility and features to facilitate business telecommunication.

What Is Pabx?

Instead of requiring a single line for each user in the company, the PABX is basically a single or multiple lines that allows switching between the lines offering communication between multiple users within the company and also with the outside world. The idea is to save cost and effort, ascribing meaning to the term automated.
When we say PABX, it is basically the PBX (Private Branch Exchange); the two abbreviations that are used interchangeably as of today, as the PBX is automated (as the manual operator is not required anymore).
Earlier, the PBX used to employ the analog technology. However, of late, digital technology is used for the internal connections, which are converted to analog signals once again to make external connections through the public telephone line.

Pbx And Ip-Pbx

The PBX is a separate entity that belongs solely to the company, which is in turn connected to a single or multiple public telephone lines. The external public telephone line or lines are divided into multiple internal telephone lines. The telephone connections to the required user are automatically routed using extensions. It is the computer server that manages the switching and routing very efficiently.
The IP PBX on the other hand is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone that can do a lot more than the conventional PBX. Where the conventional PBX requires two separate lines for the data and the voice, the IP PBX is very cost effective as it works on the IP data network alone. The regular phones, VoIP phones or the soft phones can be used with the IP PBX system.

Features Of Pbx

Apart from the usual routing of the calls through the extensions, there are additional features to the PBX. The call forwarding, call waiting, conferencing, computerized ring back, caller Id, Welcome message, and voice recording and many more features are included for the benefit of the users of the PBX system.

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