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Norms to Hire Audio Visual Rentals

When you have an upcoming calendar event, be it a product launch, seminar, wedding or an intimate event; searching for the right Audio Visual Rental Company can be very puzzling and intimidating. Maze by the complexity and technicality of the prerequisites involved in selection process of Audio and Visual system that will suit your event can be completely overwhelming and baffling. Here are a few terminologies and informative points that fit the criteria for choosing Audio Visual Rental in Dubai.

Audio Visual Rental

What to look for while choosing Audio Visual Rentals?

1. Pin down venue details and type of event: Depending on the type of event, the magnanimity of the venue and the audience; there are numerous kinds of audio-visual systems available today at your display. Choose the rental service that offers all the solutions under one roof catering to your type of event. Viz…

a. U shape conferences or banquets or theatre’s – The list of standard equipment for such a venue generally includes PA system i.e. Public address system (microphones, amplifiers, speakers, mixers and related equipment), recording equipment, and visual equipment ranging from projector, projector screens, LED screens and Laptops.

b. Award ceremonies or weddings – Apart from the usual audio visual equipment’s than that required at conferences and business forums; DJ equipment, staging, drapery, ambient lightings and dancefloors are the prerequisites for any grand parties and ceremonies.

c. Public Speaking event like TED EX or Product Launch – As the area of focus of this event being gravitated towards the speaker, the audio and display visuals will comprehend to be the backbone for the event’s success. Additional to PA system, LED screens and projectors it should be of foremost priority to arrange for sets and scenery in the background which is comprehensive to the speaker’s speech. The staging panels often work well in-conjunction with the audio visual systems.

2. Budget – Although allocating a budget for a prime aspect of an event can be cumulative, pinpointing on the exact figures is imperative for choosing the apt audio visual rental services. It gives you clarity as to what facilities you may acquire from the rental company within your assigned budget.

3. Quote and 3D rendering – Ask for a CAD drawing with the 3D rendering of the entire equipment set up within your allocated space. This will ensure that your vision matches with the team of audio visual rental services and intern will set the seal on the event being a success. Obtain a detailed scope of work from the rental services enlisting individual equipment rates, rendering, software, security and management of entire show, staging, labour charges and conference support. Verify if the invoice’s prices matches the quoted price once you are charged with the billing.

4. Rental modules – Be certain of the time frame required to render the rental service, whether it is on daily basis, weekly or monthly period. Each audio visual rental may offer modules catering to different facets. Make sure that the load in time and entire setup of equipment is covered one day prior to the event along with the technical sound and display rehearsal.

5. Turn-around-Time and customer’s testimony: Before hiring any rental services, summon insights of company’s reviews, customer’s testimonials, customer support, company’s culture and their organizational skills and last but not the least their response time or turn-around-time. (TAT)

6. Equipment Insurance cover – Be certain of insurance covers for individual equipment’s before you sign the agreement. This will cover the cost incurred incase of any damage to instruments and appliances during the event. The equipment’s being expensive, the insurance cover will safeguard your operational costs.

In short, at the end of the day you want an AV company that you could trust.

In the event that you are looking forward for AV rental services you can trust our VRS Technologies team of experts to assist you in your chosen endeavour. Gives us a call at 055-5182748 or visit our website at for more details.


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