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Next-generation firewall solutions-sophisticated approach to cyber security

Businesses need to deploy strong security for their networks to manage the cyber threat issues prevalent at large. Firewall solutions have known to be the ideal security measure for guarding the networks from unauthorized access.

The firewall solution offers protection to all the PCs with its multi-layered protection. Although the firewall solutions  offer high-end protection, they have become outdated and insufficient for the present day’s needs. The next generation firewalls have come into existence to offer sophisticated security.

firewall solutions


The traditional firewall that blocks traffic from external ports and allows traffic through the internal ports is proven to be no longer safe. The protection at routers and switches is not strong enough since they are weak in offering the protection that is needed. This might give an advantage to the intruders to take an unfair advantage of. The necessity for an advanced protection has arisen and the next generation firewalls can give the sophisticated protection that is necessary for today’s application level use of the computers. As there are new applications like Facebook, used by enterprises, the old firewall is no longer protective and can cause insecurity.

The next-generation firewalls inspect in detail, filter and manage the advanced intrusions since they are application-specific and more potent than the traditional firewalls in tracking advanced intruding activities.

The next-generation firewalls combine the technology of traditional firewalls and other network filtering operations such as application firewall, deep packet inspection and intrusion prevention systems.

This Is Why Next-Generation Firewalls Are Advanced And More Secure:

  • The next generation firewalls are application aware and can directly determine the type of traffic received or sent on their own, unlike the traditional firewalls which depend on the ports to block the traffic.
  • The next-generation firewalls allow us to identify the user or the type of traffic so as to control it from entering or exiting.
  • Next-generation firewalls provide granular security by controlling specific risky activities
  • They come with intrusion protection, integrated within the firewall, for detecting attacks which are based on advanced and varied mechanisms. The same is not a part of the traditional firewall and might need a separate appliance to perform this duty.

VRS Technologies provides firewall security for the enterprise network safety with advanced firewall tools to ensure your computers are performing well, free of cyber threat issues.

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