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MacBook repair in Dubai for power issues

Apple’s Macbooks have stolen millions of hearts of PC lovers and many do agree. The super slim nature, lightness and compactness have garnered plenty of applause from all over the globe.

With the choice of MacBook Apple has to offer, one could not expect for more. To continue the tale, Apple’s Macbooks have been made in a way not to complain with repair or troubleshooting issues. Yet, there is no guarantee if they would not. It is wise sensing this and expecting the same to occur. In case your favorite Macbook counters a repair or troubleshooting issue, VRS Technologies is by your side for Macbook Repair in Dubai and getting the MacBook running well in a less turnaround time.


Here Is What You Can Do In Case Your Mac Encounters Power Related Issues:

Power issues:

1) MacBook not charging

When your MacBook is not charging, it could be a sign of a cable problem. To confirm it, one could try charging it with a borrowed cable. In spite of this, if the MacBook is unable to be charged, it is no more a cable issue but some other underlying problem. Before making the confirmation of the MacBook repair and looking for the service center, you could try a few tricks all by yourself.

First reset your System Management Controller (SMC). To do this, shut down the Mac and connect the Mac to the Mag safe power adapter and hold control, shift, option and power button for around four seconds and release all at one time. If it is still not fixed, your battery might need a service.

2) MacBook running out of power faster

If your MacBook is running out of power very quickly, it might mean that some apps are consuming much power. If you want your battery to last longer, you may have to close the apps responsible for squeezing much power. To learn about these power consuming apps, just click on the battery icon. To get more information on the apps and their processes, go to Energy tab in Activity Monitor.

One interesting fact about Activity Monitor is you can check how much of the energy is being consumed by the open apps or how the usage has altered with time. App Nap is other feature Apple boasts of and it allows inactive applications to go to sleep. This could eventually save power and increase the lifespan of the battery. The Activity Monitor is intelligent enough to monitor if the running apps are crossing the limit set by the App Nap.

Not power issues alone, your Macbook may complain with, deadlock, shut down, start up and many more MacBook repair issues. Although online tricks might come in handy, you still have to watch out. A professional might be better in understanding what could be a suitable solution to that particular problem, also saving your time and effort. VRS Technologies is a destination for MacBook repair in Dubai, where you can land any of your MacBook repair issues.

You can reach VRS Technologies on +971-55-5182748 for immediate MacBook repair or refer to our website for all Macbook repair services available under one single roof.