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LG Launches Latest Range of TVs with Advanced Features

LED TVs are the modern devices that are a part of every living room. They provide a mesmerising viewing experience. They provide entertainment, information, education, and relaxation to viewers.

Besides being utilized for home entertainment, LED, LCD TVs are widely used for seminars, events, and training. They are a part of every social gathering providing an exclusive viewing experience to the visitors.

With the advancement in the field of television, new brands and models of TVs are released into the market every day. With increased competition and so many different models to choose from, televisions are becoming more high-tech in recent times.  

LED TV Rental Dubai

LG, the market leader in LED television, offers a range of TVs with enhanced features.

It has announced the new OLED Evo range, QNED mini LED TV model, Nano cell TV series, and UHD AI ThinQ TVs.

Exclusive features of LG’s new range of TVs:

  • The latest OLED series features self-lit panels that produce 33.2 million self-lit pixels. It gives intense colour, infinite contrast, and richer blacks while watching. The latest LG OLED series maintains the character of the OLED panel with high contrast and clarity that helps produce brighter and crisper images. The slim and sculpted design of the 8K model makes it easy to integrate into the home décor.
  •  The new range of QNED Mini LED comes with a display that combines a Mini LED panel with Quantum Dot Nano Cell Technology to deliver the best TV viewing experience. It comes in both 4K and 8K variants. It features a new slimmer 3-side cinema screen design combined with aesthetics that add a stylish look to the living room.
  • LG’s UHD ThinQ is the most advanced featured TV that comes with AI integration. It has inbuilt Amazon Alexa allowing users to ask questions while watching TV. The responses appear on the screen without causing interruption to the viewing experience. Adjust AC temperature, lighting in the room, switch on/off a gadget without actually missing any content. All the connected smart devices are accessible through the TV with Google Assistant.

Both Nano Cell and UHD TV series use quad-core processors and come equipped with a light sensor that adjusts the screen brightness by measuring the surrounding light.

The latest LG range of TVs comes with more advanced features, and their price is equally higher.

LED TV Rental Dubai from VRS Technologies. We are the best option to experience an enthralling TV viewing experience.

We offer all the latest LG TVs for rent for our esteemed customers. Our LED TV rentals come with complete support during the installation and set up of the TV at your place.

Visit for the best LED and LCD TV viewing experience with our affordable rentals.

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