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Is Android TV Better than Smart TV? What is the difference?

Smart TVs are advanced technology gadgets that include internet integration, local hard drive storage, and other devices. It is the ultimate one-stop entertainer with many features not available in a conventional TV set.

The evolution of television technology with the best-operating systems has enhanced the viewing experience of TV users.

The latest development in television technology includes the best resolution, sleek panel, and high-quality sound system.

Both Smart TV and Android TV are preferred by a wide range of users according to their viewing needs.

A Smart TV has different functionality as compared to Android TV. Android TV is a smart TV based on the Android operating system developed for TV sets. It includes a user interface designed for advanced content aggregation.

LED TV Rental Dubai

Difference Between Smart TV and Android TV:

Smart TVs are the latest trend in the television market. They come with various apps installed on them and are digitally activated. The flat display of the Smart TV provides a better viewing experience to users.

A Smart TV with an Android operating system is called Android TV. It includes the Google Play Store through which apps can be installed on the TV. It includes the functionalities of the android phone features that can be used on the TV.

It does not include a phone calling facility through the TV.

The simple interactive user interface helps to browse and navigate through the various features with ease.

Smart TVs are not equipped with the Google Play store. However, various apps necessary for enhanced viewing can be installed as Smart TVs can have internet connectivity.

Android TVs come with Google Assistant that offers a voice recognition feature. This feature helps users to play the required videos or programs on the Android TV by just speaking through the voice assistant available on the TV remote.

Smart TV offers:

  •         Live to stream
  •         Internet streaming
  •         User-generated
  •         Provides information about the shows and movies
  •         Allows to set reminders and make notes
  •         Built-in Apps

Android TV offers:

  •         Live Streaming
  •         Internet streaming
  •         App download from Google Play Store
  •         Gaming
  •         Stream offline videos from your external device
  •         Cast videos
  •         Google assistant     

LED TVs are ideal tools for business presentations, display ads at retail outlets, video conferencing at seminars, and personal use.

LED TVs are available in various sizes and models. It becomes an expensive affair to buy an LED TV for short-term needs.

LED TV rental is a feasible option for experiencing enhanced viewing at a low cost.

VRS Technologies is the one-stop solution for LED TV Rental Dubai. Our wide range of LED TVs helps users to choose the best one for their specific needs.

We offer technical assistance by an experienced team for the installation and post-installation services to our esteemed customers.

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