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iPadOS: Useful Tips and Tricks for Efficient Use

iPads have evolved into incredibly flexible, portable, and useful devices. They are the best choice during events, tradeshows, and exhibitions.

iPads come with unique features that help accomplish the most complex tasks with ease and efficiency.

iPad rentals allow users to choose the most recent version of the iPad to improve productivity.

Apple has introduced invention by splitting iPhone and iPad operating systems into iOS and iPadOS.

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iPadOS Specific Functions that users should know:

Dock: The Dock is a toolbar of apps at the bottom of the iPad screen. It can be accessed while using any of the iPad apps by slowly swiping up the screen from the bottom. The Dock consists of slots for permanent placement of favourite apps that are used frequently (up to 13 apps) and always has two or three slots on the far right for the most recently used apps, as well as apps that are opened on the iPhone or Mac through the Handoff feature. Long press on the app or the folder and drag it into the dock to put it in the desired position.

Share safari tabs across devices: Another way of sharing access across devices is to see the tabs opened in the safari tab on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. On the iPad, go to Settings, select iCloud, and ensure Safari is switched on. For Mac, follow the same process under the system preferences option. Now on the iPad select the safari tab and tap on the tabs button, it will display all the tabs opened on the iPad, plus a list of the tabs opened on other Apple devices at the bottom of the screen, scroll them up to see them in full.

Split keyboard: For users who are accustomed to the iPhone keyboard iPadOS has a unique feature that allows for a split keyboard. Users can split the iPad keyboard in half for the iOS experience. Menu options include Undock, Floating, and Split. To undo, long-press again select Merge or pinch outward with two fingers.

Multitask: The most important feature of iPadOS that sets it apart from the iOS is the ability to multitask, or having more than one app open at a time. The Slide Over or the Split View options allow users to work on two apps side by side, making it easy to copy data back and forth between them.

Drag and Drop between apps: Text, images, and multiple photos can be easily dragged and dropped into another app by using the Split View window. Text from the Notes app can be easily dragged into the mail and sent as a message. Multiple photos stored in the photo gallery can be drag and dropped using the Split View window.

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