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How to Resolve the Most Common Printer Repair Issues?

Printers are essential infrastructure devices for every organisation. They are the most reliable devices for accomplishing most of the office tasks.

Printers are problematic from time to time. It becomes a daunting task for employees to look for a reliable service provider. Before opting for a repair service it is necessary to identify the exact issue.

Problems commonly faced with Printers:

Paper Jams: A paper jam occurs in printers due to various reasons. The paper is not clean, the paper size does not fit into the tray, or the rollers on the printer have worn out. Regular cleaning of the printer and using the correct paper type will help solve this issue. Replacing the roller is a difficult task and needs to be done by an expert service provider.

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Printing on the page is faded: The print on the page appears faded due to three conditions: The Printer is getting low on toner, print density is set too low, or Economides printing is turned on. Switching off the Economides and setting the print density to a value higher will resolve the issue. If the toner is low, remove the cartridge and shake it to redistribute the toner more evenly.

Multiple prints: A lighter copy of the image is printed onto the paper along with the original clear print. This problem is caused due to an issue with the power outlet of the printer. Connecting the power outlet to another printer and checking if the problem persists is one of the solutions to this problem. Multiple prints may also arise due to worn out drum or imaging kits. Replacing the parts will resolve this issue.

Toner smears off the page: The print on the paper, when touched with hands, smears off and makes it difficult to read the text or images. It might be due to a damaged fuser assembly. The solution is to replace the fuser assembly. Another issue might be the cartridge might be defective and letting too much toner out at one time. Replacing the cartridge with a new one will resolve this issue. There is a possibility of a spilled toner in the printer that may cause toner smearing onto the page.

Printer not taking a single sheet of paper but in bulk: The Printer tray should release a single sheet of paper to print the words on it. Instead, a faulty printer accepts more than one paper that causes improper printing. Installing a new pad will resolve the issue. Too much moisture on the paper also leads to such issues. Always check for the moisture on the paper and ensure it is dry to avoid such issues.

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