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How to fix the 6 typical printer & photocopier issues?

Printers & photocopiers are the most useful and vital things seen in every organization, schools, colleges, hospitals, etc. Unfortunately, the printers and copiers often get worse due to lack of proper maintenance. Today we’ll learn the causes for Printer Repair and photocopier repair, and also to fix them.

Printer Repair

Printer Paper Jam:

Paper jam occurs because of the improper paper loading, indefinite paper size, the thickness of the paper, or the printer may fill up with dust particles. What if paper jammed when it has to take a stand? Work gets delayed. So, to avoid paper jam leading to photocopier and printer repair, ensure that the printer is free from dust maintaining the actual thickness, size, and accurate alignment in a feed tray.

Cartridge Issues:

It is seen when the photocopier is not fixed properly, and for not using the exact toner based on the printer/photocopier model. Malfunctioning, low, and empty toners raise errors within the device. If it is low or empty, can replace the cartridge. When printer repair occurs due to malfunctioning of the cartridge, then the root cause is either compatibility or manufacture defect. So, to get printer repair done, talk to the professional printer repair service provider in Dubai like VRS Technologies LLC.


It is about lines on the paper due to malfunctioning of the drum unit or defect of drum-blade, or else issue with the fusers in the printer. Experienced printer repair technicians should follow the issues. Foreign substances on the scanner glass may also be another reason for streaks on the paper. If it is detected, you can resolve the issue by removing interferences or just by cleaning placing the scanner glass.

Copies Discoloring:

How do you feel when smudgy or discolored paper prints your urgent and important document? Annoying and stressed. The discolored, light or dark copies occur when device controls are changed. Resetting the printer settings resolves the error. The printer drum getting older or the cartridge malfunctioning may also cause the discoloring copies issue. Get the experienced VRS printer repair solutions to fix the problem.

Random Dots:

Sometimes, we may see an array of spots or dots on the page. The issue may arise because of the dusted scanner glass/mirror. Fix the defect by cleaning the glass. Dots loaded page may result in a drum issue. Drum replacement rectifies the error.

Wrinkled pages are also often seen as a problem in printer resulting paper jamming or sticking due to exit roller or worn-out feed and moisture on the paper trays. Replacement of paper trays can almost fix the issue.

At VRS Technologies LLC, we have experienced and certified technicians in installing and repairing printers. Our photocopier repair services in Dubai have been acquiring by many reputed firms.
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