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How to Choose the Perfect Server for Projects and Businesses?

Servers are a crucial part of any office infrastructure. A dedicated server provides optimal performance for all the devices connected to it and keeps the data safe.

Organisations opt for dedicated servers to fit their specific business needs. They provide the flexibility to change server configurations, add software, and add a new level of security to the resources.

A server is stored in a server data centre. It is always on and connected to the internet via gigabit Ethernet. It is used to host a wide range of services and applications for accomplishing business goals.

Server Rental Dubai

Servers are used for –

  •         Secure email hosting
  •         File sharing
  •         Cloud storage
  •         Hosting a website
  •         Supporting multiple virtual servers
  •         Backing up business data
  •         Storing and collaborating on documents
  •         Providing virtual desktops to employees

Choosing the Best Server for Business:

Operating system: The server comes in two different variants of Operating Systems-Windows Operating System and Linux Operating System. While choosing the server, always keep in mind the programs and applications used in the organisation.

Bandwidth: The hosting bandwidth plays a crucial role in the growth of any business. The organisation needs higher bandwidth for a high internet traffic. It is necessary to take upload and download frequency and volume into account before choosing a server.

Memory: The speed and accuracy of a website depends on the size of the RAM. The website loads faster and provides enhanced performance with more RAM capacity. The various applications and tools used work more efficiently with a higher capacity RAM.

Storage: RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is used as a storage system. Different hard drives are brought together to act as a single unit of storage volume without any data gaps. This helps in keeping the data safe and for making data redundant.

Processor: Choosing the number and size of processors for a server depends on the applications run on it. A high processor capacity gives speed and smooth functioning of the applications. Several processors ranging from 6 cores in a single processor to 48 cores in a dual-processor are available. The initial single processor can be replaced with a retrofitted processor when the need arises. A Graphical Processing Unit is used for high-visual graphics like gaming websites. The GPU servers are eco-friendly.

VRS Technologies has the expertise in handling dedicated Server Rental Dubai for many top organisations.

Our team of expert engineers provide quality services for the seamless maintenance and administration of the servers.

We offer tailor-made server rental solutions for organisations across Dubai.

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