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How to Choose Perfect Laptop for Student?

Laptops are significant for students in College Life: College life is filled up with loads of Assignments, Report and Thesis submission tasks. Therefore, making the right Laptop choice is quintessential!!


Laptop for Rent in Dubai


Cornerstones to Choose the Right Laptop for College students:

  • Dimensions: The Laptop should be light in weight, however, these should be compact. As a result, the commuting becomes easy. The 14 inches Display is the most ideal. It provides a transparent view and is enough compact to fit into most Backpacks and Brief cases. For a Laptop that needs to be thin and light, the one which, is less than 2 cm in thickness and up to 1.5 Kilograms is the best.
  • Form Factor: The conventional Clamshell Laptops are excellent and the Convertible Laptops with Touchscreens are also considerable. Both of these are comfortable to read and provides the quality to take handwritten notes or collaborate via a Virtual Whiteboard.
  • Specifications: Power Hungry Software is not required for major subjects such as Social Sciences, Linguistics, Business, Mathematics and Statistics, yet, you would require a Robust Laptop for Creative studies.
  • Battery Life: Your Laptop should not be dying amidst Class meetings and you also want that you are not looking continuously for Power Outlets. Therefore, in order to avoid these, check for Laptops which possess a Robust Battery and fast charging. The 70 Watt Battery lasts a complete day and a fast charging, capable of at least 60 Percent recharge an hour is a precious factor,
  • Durability: Before purchasing or renting a Laptop, check for the features such as Build quality, Lid material Quality (Metal is best), Screen Flexibility and Hinge Robustness.
  • Display: Expecting an Extended Screen time should also come with expectation of a High Quality Display which has essential Eye care features. OLED Displays offer perfect Colour accuracy, Deep Blacks and 70 Percent reduced Blue Light Emissions compared to the conventional LCD Screens.
  • Connectivity: Laptops which combine USB Type A and USB Type C ports are always recommended.  Additionally, the inclusion of the USB-C Charging feature is a merit. While the Built in HDMI ports are essential for connecting External Displays, the Audio Combo Jack is valuable for plugging in Wired Headsets.
  • Online Learning Features: AI Noise Cancellation and Web cam Image Optimization can simplify the Video calling process. Additionally, High quality speakers with Dolby atmos Certification guarantees the transparent, Distortion free sound. Furthermore, the Webcam shield increases Privacy.
  • Price: The balance needs to be strike amidst Affordability and Performance.

VRS Technologies LLC comes with Laptops which are Durable, Performant and Reliable. Beyond this, the designs are Eye Catchy and these come at a Competitive Pricing.

VRS Technologies LLC offers Superior range of Laptop Rental in Dubai for College students at an affordable Rental amount.

Feel free to reach out to us on 055-5182748 for Laptops for Rent in Dubai. Our website is

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