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How to Attract Trade Show Visitors with iPads?

Attracting potential customers at tradeshows is a challenge that every business faces. The introduction of latest technology gadgets has helped organisations to face this challenge with innovative ideas and effective implementation.

Capturing leads at trade shows is a challenge as there is a huge competition from other related companies. Presenting the product or service with the right message to the audience becomes easy with the use of iPads.

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Ways to Attract Trade Show Visitors with iPads:

Sales video: iPads can be connected to a LED display at a tradeshow booth. A sales video displayed at the background can be a great way to get instant attention from people walking by the booth, while simultaneously providing product information. Videos already uploaded onto the social media platforms like YouTube or Vimeo can be displayed for visitor attraction.

Trivia quiz: Organisers can conduct a quiz on a topic related to the quiz and engage more visitors. Once visitors complete answering the questions they are prompted to fill a form with personal details such as email ID, phone number, and address.

Product design: Allowing trade show visitors to suggest a product design helps in providing an interactive experience to visitors. Providing a drag and drop option for building a custom design allows visitors to come out with new ideas and makes them feel more connected with the product. This also helps in improving the brand image.

Photo slideshow: Showing product images as a slideshow helps in attracting more number of visitors to the trade show booth. The highly immersive and engaging images raise curiosity among visitors and makes them enquire more about the product details. This will help the sales team to strike a conversation with them and promote the product to boost sales.

Market Research and Survey: Conducting a survey about the various products is a great opportunity to get direct feedback about how to improve the product and service. iPads play a crucial role in market research and survey as they are portable and also come with a smooth touch feature. Visitors can use the easy touch interface and enter their feedback while visiting the trade booth.

VRS Technologies offers the latest iPad Rental Dubai to enhance the customer experience at exhibition stands. We are the leading providers of the latest iPads of all versions and sizes in Dubai.

We offer customised iPads to suit your event needs. Our experienced technicians help you in the set-up and arrangement of the iPad at the trade booth for attracting maximum number of visitors.

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