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How is Advertising Changing with the Use of Video Walls?

Video Walls are the advanced technology tools that provide an incredible first impression towards establishing brand image and thereby engaging the potential customers towards the display of the products and services.

A large Video Wall inside the meeting room speaks volumes; it creates a bold statement piece that gives an aesthetic look to the office premises.

LED Video Walls are widely adopted by digital signage solution providers, integrators, and media companies.

A Video Wall placed in the electronics, luxury goods, apparel, or retail outlets sets the tone that can easily be changed according to a specific occasion.

Video Wall Rental Dubai

Video Walls changing the advertising scenario:

LED Video walls have replaced the traditional billboards with a more impressive and attractive display giving a spectacular viewing experience to onlookers.

The high-resolution screen displays and the real-life-like moving images have a greater impact on the viewers and compel them into buying the product.

The traffic intersection points of a busy market area are the best places to install a Video Wall for a captive audience. The mileage a brand can get from such Video Walls is enormous.

Digital ads attract far more attention than static ads. People watching a digital ad displayed on a LED Video Wall connect to the content faster as opposed to a static wall with a message on it.

A giant outdoor LED Video Wall displays multiple ads and messages and will easily attract the attention of those within the viewing range.

It could be in the range of 200 and 300 meters with amazing picture quality, depending on the size of the Video Wall.

Changing the content of the Video Wall can be done with a control system setup. The control system setup is integrated with a highly advanced content management system that allows managing the content displayed on the screen.

The Video Wall facilitates the display of multiple ads, videos, and messages continuously. The Video Walls are built for long-lasting performance. They are built to withstand extreme weather conditions and are easy to maintain.

The LED Video Walls consume less energy and emit less heat that make them environmentally friendly.

VRS Technologies provides the best Video Wall Rental Dubai for entrepreneurs. We provide a high-quality 3×3 Video Wall, 46 inches Video Wall, 55 inches LED Video Wall, and customised Video walls to suit every customer requirement.

Our experienced team of technicians install the Video Walls with proper planning, designing, and implementing the installation process with all the necessary detailing through creative content for the convenience of our esteemed customers.

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