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How iPad Cater to the Needs of a Business Event?

The growing competencies in the industry with the establishment of new start-up’s everyday can be quite overwhelming in pursuit of a business event. However, iPad has advanced to be a bang for the buck tool for directing any business event. Being tech-savvy, stylish, a source of unified communication and compact, iPad has indeed become a portable computer that fits into your pocket to outright any task on the go. VRS Technologies have always been at the forefront in offering versatile iPad Rental Dubai which helps entrepreneurs to ease their workflow, increase their productivity effective collaboration with their partners and last but not the least, enhanced customer relationships.

iPad Rental Dubai

How iPad is a perfect tool to be catered for a Business Event?

• Unified communication: The connectivity of iPad with the internet makes it a one-point communication tool; be it via email, phone calls, fax, SMS, VoIP, conferencing or interacting with a large audience through social media apps. It thereby reduces the operational time and improves the overall efficiency of managing the event. It not only yields effective collaboration with the client partners but also enhances to build customer relationships.

• Animated presentations: The seamless connectivity of iPad with innumerable applications like Microsoft office mobile apps, handling documents and PPT’s makes it convenient for the managers to showcase their brand and pitch to the potential customers on the go during the event. The stylus pen being an intricate part of the iPad not only allows you to create eye-catching designs, animated and demographic presentations but also enables to take notes with its high precision, pressure and tilt-sensitivity. This facilitates to take notes as you demonstrate PPT’s to your clients having the multiple-window option, thus enabling you to multi task.

• Efficient Organization: With inbuilt apps like one-note, trello, calendar, alarm, slack, Google keep etc. keeps you updated with the tasks at hand. It also helps to build a rapport with your team members with to whom you can assign tasks through such apps. It keeps the entire unit in conjunction to ensure the event be a success.

• Surveillance and Security: You can make the iPad a part of your security system to view live feed on your screens paving its way to handle and direct the dignitaries, guests, crowds as well as the staff.

• Peripherals: iPad works amazingly well with its Apple siblings. The seamless integration with other devices and peripherals like keyboard, projector, Mac computer, stylus pen and cloud makes it easy to share and access data across different platforms. It also helps in video conferencing across countries during the event.

• Surveys and data analytics: Locating iPad display booths at the entrance as well as the exit allows you to take quick surveys and feedbacks from the potential audience. This data can be used as a marketing strategy for future occurrence of events or can be used to pitch the clients.

If you have any business event in the pipeline, VRS Technologies LLC will deliver you with premium iPad Hire Dubai. For quotations contact us on +971-55-5182748. Our technical expert will guide you through the process at the quickest time.

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