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How Does Touch Screen Techniques Set a Trend?

Is Touchscreen a Key parameter in the Technology building? : Touch screens prove a potential Promotional Channel for Education, Corporates, Advertisement, Hospitality and Retail. Our Company has played an elementary role in boosting the Business of these sectors through Bright and exuberant High resolution Touch screens.

We Offer Myriad Touch Screen Usage Techniques

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Three Techniques of Touch Screen Based on functionality:

The Resistive Touch screens: The Resistive Touch screens are popular extremely in Supermarkets and the ATM Centers. On swiping an ATM Machine Screen, there is a Screen resistance on your Finger Tips. Resistive touch screens handle only a single, durable and consistent touch!!

The Capacitive touch screens: The Capacitive touch screen glass consists of a transparent conductor such as Indium tin Oxide. The electrically charged particles flow through our fingers and result to a circuit completion, which leads to a voltage plummet in that specific region. This voltage drop carries out a particular function.

The Multi touch screen: Present in Smartphones which are a combination of the Resistive and Capacitive Touch screens.

Three Techniques of Touch Screen using Quality Bifurcation:

Corporate Storytelling: We have participated in a Key Brand Promotion strategy of portraying certain Photos, Videos and Stories through which, the customers can interact and get more acquainted whether how to live Life Transition. This favors Promotion!!

The Endless Aisle Concept: Most of the Tier 1 companies display only Selective and “Out of the Box” products on the screen. On interaction by the customer, they fetch the complete information as if a Physical Feel and understand the product better.

Mobile Showrooms: It is one of the most modern concepts which opens the gates to a new Marketing era, consisting of the Showrooms, Tradeshows and the Exhibitions are the Hotspots, wherein, it could be unraveled. The touch screens come in four variants, Mobile Touchscreens, Counter top, Wall Mount/Shelf touchscreens and Open frame touchscreen Video wall Rental.

The aforementioned three techniques of using a Touch Screen depends on the Qualitative bifurcation of a Touch Screen usage.

Summarizing up the story:

The techniques of using a Touch Screen from VRS Technologies LLC at Touch Screen Rental Dubai are beyond imagination!! To explore more on Touchscreen Usage techniques and Dynamics, ping/WhatsApp to our team on +971-55-5182748. Reach us for more info.

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