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How Big Should Conference Room LED Screen be?

An LED screen placed in a conference room adds to the aesthetics of the room and also serves as an ideal medium for communication.

LED screens provide engaging viewing experience to the conference attendees. Users can conduct product launch events, PowerPoint presentations, and video conferencing through the LED screen display in conference rooms.

They can also be used to display attractive content as a background display to keep the audience engrossed.

There are various factors to consider when it comes to choosing the size of the LED screen for conference room. The top priorities are ceiling height, wall width and distance from the furthest seat.

LED Screen Rental Dubai

Right Size of a Conference Room LED Screen:

Size of the room: Depending upon the size of the room the ideal screen size should offer a clear view to all the members sitting there. If the ceiling height is 8 foot, then the ideal screen size is considered as 50-60”. The length and width of the room also should be taken into consideration. For seating 8-10 people, you would need a room length of at least 16 feet, for which you would ideally need a screen size of 8 feet.

Distance of the farthest viewer: The distance of the screen from the farthest viewer depends on the content display during the conferences. If the requirement is to display and analyse precise details on the screen, such as sales charts, architectural designs, or medical images then it is good to decrease the distance of the farthest viewer significantly for each particular screen size. It helps to convey the message clearly to the participants.

Precise mount height: The best way to determine how high to mount the display on the wall is to measure the average height of the viewer’s eyes and mount the display no lower than the height.

Seating of viewer from the screen: An ergonomic arrangement of the conference room should ensure the seating of the viewer with a distance that is more than the width of the screen. It helps to reduce unnecessary eye strain and increased clarity. Choosing a screen size with these points in mind helps to conduct engaging and successful conference room meetings.

VRS Technologies is the preferred choice for many corporate companies to hire LED Screen Rental Dubai. Our latest technology LED screens provide a better viewing experience for attendees during conferences. We offer LED screen rentals for all kinds of events, irrespective of the size of the audience and venue.

LED screens are available in various sizes to meet the needs of our clients. Our experienced technicians assist with the setup of the LED screens at the venue.

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