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How are LED Displays Impacting the Virtual Production Workflows?

The use of LED displays in film and television production is increasing for the better.

LED displays are mainly used to create backgrounds in real-time, replacing the traditional “green screen” where content is added once live shooting is finished.

LED displays are used as backdrops to offer several advantages compared with a green screen, including better lighting, quicker scene changes, and a reduction in the costs related to adding effects.

While LED displays in virtual productions are changing the way films and television shows are created, the process is more than just a question of erecting an LED wall on a soundstage.

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Effective use of LED displays in the virtual production workflow:

The virtual production workflow incorporating LED video walls allows for a simplified, more collaborative workflow.

Virtual production offers filmmakers the ability to collaborate on visual details in real-time, allowing for creative decisions to be much earlier in the process.

LED screens are used to display backgrounds behind the scenes and can be changed at a moment’s notice. They remove the need for construction and dismantling of the sets for different scenes and also save a lot of money.

Images displayed on the screen can incorporate a motion tracker that senses where the camera is and how it is moving, adjusting those images for maximum realism.

Special effects can be prepared in advance of shooting and adjusted on the fly, eliminating the need for reshoots that can come up long after production.

As the background and the main action can be filmed together the cost of adding those effects later can be mostly eliminated.

Digital backgrounds could be edited during the shoot. The shooting environments can be lit and rendered from the perspective of the camera to provide parallax in real-time, with accurate interactive light from the LED screens lighting on the actors and practical sets inside the stage.

The new virtual production stage and workflow allow filmmakers to capture a significant amount of complex visual effects shots in-camera using real-time game engine technology and surrounding LED screens.

LED screens create a seamless blend of a physical set with pre-shot or VFX environments so that for the first time actors and the creative team can see and react to a CGI world in real-time.

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