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How are Indoor LED Screens Different From Outdoor Screens?

LED screens are versatile devices for engaging customers during tradeshows, events, and at retail outlets.

LED billboards, screens and other products are getting more popular by the day. LED displays have become an integral part of the advertising industry. They allow businesses to communicate easily with the potential customers.

The outdoor screen displays are often used as highway billboards, in stadiums and during outdoor celebrations, while indoor LED screens are widely used inside places of worship, offices, conference halls, restaurants, malls and retail outlets. Other applications of LED displays are in retail, transportation, sports arenas, corporate campuses, institutions of higher education, at gaming hubs and casinos.

LED Screen Rental Dubai

The high brightness, low power consumption, and longer shelf life are just some of the characteristics that give them an edge over the earlier LCD screens. Indoor LED displays, however, are different from outdoor displays in a number of ways.

Difference between Indoor and Outdoor LED Screens:

Brightness: This is undoubtedly one of the striking differences between indoor and outdoor LED display screens. Bright sunlight can make it difficult to read dull or less bright LED signs. Thus, to provide ultra-high brightness, outdoor LED display screens are power packed with many bright LEDs in one pixel. Since indoor signs are not viewed under the harsh glare of the sun, they need to be less bright. Outdoor displays offer several times more brightness than indoor LED screens. Brightness is measured by units called nits or candelas per square meter. The higher luminosity level, higher the level of brightness.

Resistance to external weather: Outdoor LED display screens should be highly leak-proof, waterproof, dust-proof, readable in sunlight, anti-lightning and resistant to high temperatures. Indoor LED screens need not have such resistance to the outside environment.

Display resolution: Outdoor LED screen displays are viewed from further distances as compared to their indoor counterparts, thus they have a low resolution. Since the distance between the viewer and an indoor LED screen is shorter, typically, the resolution for indoor LED displays needs to be high. Outdoor displays have a larger pixel pitch and a lower resolution, whereas indoor displays that need a high resolution for close viewing have a smaller pixel pitch.

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