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Fix the 4 Common Reasons that Might Cause your Printer to Jam

Printers are an essential part of any office infrastructure. Any problem with the printer when we need it most becomes frustrating and makes us feel helpless.

The most common issue with the printer is the jamming problem. The reasons might be many, but it abruptly stops the printing and causes hindrance to the work process.

4 Common reasons that might cause a printer jam

1.      Paper quality: A bad, old, or warped paper causes a printer jam. A folded or crumpled paper also causes it to get stuck in the printer. During the rainy season, the paper may absorb moisture which makes it warp. This kind of warped paper also leads to a paper jam.     

Replacing the old paper with new stock helps resolve the issue. Check the quality of the paper, check for any dust deposited in the paper tray, and clean the printer well if used after a long time.

Printer Repair Dubai 2.      Pages get stuck inside the printer: Even after placing new sheets of paper, it gets stuck in the printer. The paper comes out without any print and sometimes gets torn or crumbled. The reason for this might be a malfunction in the internal mechanism.

You can resolve this issue by opening the printer access doors, checking the paper lodging area of the printer, and removing any obstructions. Sometimes paper gets stuck while moving through the machine by not quite lining up with the various mechanisms.

3.    Incorrect paper size: The exact size of the paper inserted into the printer is a necessary factor to consider. The printer will stop working if even a single page of the papers inserted into the paper is not of the intended size.

The exact size of the paper accepted by the paper should be ascertained before inserting them into the tray. If the paper size is correct and still the problem persists, it might be due to the improper placing of paper in the tray. Try placing the papers in the exact position in the tray and reprint.

4.   Printer repair: After trying all the above solutions, if still the printer is not working properly, it might be due to a repair in the internal parts.

The internal parts repair has to be done by an expert printer repair service provider who identifies the exact problem and resolves it.

VRS Technologies is always at the forefront in providing expert Printer Repair Dubai for organisations.

We resolve complex problems of the printers with expertise and ensure a long-life for the printers.

We deal with any printer issues and provide repair services for all models and brands of printers.

Visit for availing of quality printer repair services in Dubai.

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