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Firewall Solutions have been the strategic option to safeguard the network

Firewall and its corresponding firewall solutions are some of the precautionary measures that are being carried out, in general to safeguard the company’s network system from certain malicious intrusions which could arise from a malware, spyware, ransom ware to name a few.

The Firewall Solution Architecture

Implementation of firewall solutions the small business units

Firewall solutions which are deployed for small business entities could involve two major components such as the following:


The software firewall: The software firewall has always been cumbersome with reference to its financial implication. Since it the software firewall would need to be deployed in each and every workstation in the premises. The software firewalls could also bring about a huge budget in place when it comes to the licensing part of the software.

The hardware firewall: The hardware firewall has always been a viable choice specifically for small business entities as the firewall can be installed on a console panel where all the workstations are seamlessly connected through the virtual private network (VPN). In general, these, would also incorporate certain firewall mechanisms such as the antivirus, anti-spam, anti-spyware and the content filtering capabilities.

Anecdote: A hardware-based firewall has been considered as a viable option for small companies as the time taken to administer is far too less.

Some Of The Known Firewall Solutions For Small-Scale Companies Include The Following

  • Sonic Wall:
  • Sonic Wall:Cisco:
  • Juniper:

Implementation of firewall for large enterprises Implementation of firewall for large enterprises

The deployment of firewall solutions for large enterprises has been very imperative as it protects both the internal and external communication systems such as the local area network (LAN) through which the multiple workstations are seamlessly connected to the central server.

The firewall has been considered to safeguard the crucial database, which incidentally becomes the repository in the server system, thereby ensuring the long life to the server. They are generally considered imperious for large enterprises as they have multiple offices spread across the continent and house thousands of employees who work on various workstations thereby significantly contributing to the pile of data onto the server.

Some of the known firewall solutions for large enterprises include the following:

  • Cisco
  • Fortinet
  • Check point

Firewall and its profound efficacy towards the cyber security

The firewall has been considered as an important component in an organization as far as the cyber security is concerned. The efficacy of the cyber security is better understood with the advent of firewall systems in place where the firewall persistently strives to bring about the secured platform in an organization.

Anecdote: From the budget point of view, it can be understood as, the more expensive the firewall is, the better security bestowed towards the network architecture.

VRS Technologies have always been in the forefront to bring the new variations to the firewall solutions and has been consistently been able to deploy the firewall solutions to ensure that the malicious intrusions have been filtered off and enable the networks free from potential threats.

In the event that your organization is looking forward for a firewall solution at your end, please approach us at VRS Technologies and call us at Call Us 00971555182748 or 04-3866001 so that our technical panel could revert back to you with the appropriate solution. Please visit our official website at https://www.vrscomputers for more information.