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Finding the Perfect Server for Your Small Business

The Dynamics of the so called word, “Server”: Servers are computers which act as the Central Hub to store, manage and facilitate the access to data. Moreover, it functions across a Network. Whether it is a File storage, hosting Emails and Applications, distributing Multimedia, storing Files or Backing up Data, Small Businesses are able to leverage servers to attain imperative advantages of the IT and therefore augment the operations.


Server Rental in Dubai


Reasons behind the Right Server for your Small Business

  • The Business possesses an imperative Growth: When the business is booming and the team is expanding exponentially, the grounds of Information Technology prove more Byzantine and Time consuming. A right Server streamlines tasks such as updates of Software and File sharing. As a result, the Maintenance becomes more efficient and scalable.
  • Ensures secured Emails to Employees: Well, it is not only to provide secured Emails, but also should it be the company owned Storage. Moreover, if a right Server is there on premises, as an entrepreneur, you are ought to get the Data Sovereignty, Control and Security. When we possess an Email Platform on a Server, it results to Storage capacity, advanced shared Resource features and finally, a greater control on the gamut of Email accounts. In addition, the local access to data protects you from connectivity issues and comes up with better Cost effective solutions. These are far better compared to Cloud based Solutions.
  • Plays a Significant Role towards Incessant and Quick Data access: Small servers play an indispensable role to host High demand services such as the Databases and Central Repositories. The Server which is present on premise favors stable connections, quick Data transfer rates and eliminates the expenses which were tagged previously to Data usage.
  • Trusting only a Router for Network Security is too precarious: Wi-Fi routers which are provided by ISPs lack the customizable and Enterprise grade Security features. Such features are in fact mandatory to protect the Network from Cyber threats. Once we install and configure the Firewall Software on the right server, a secured Gateway is created. Such a Gateway protects from scathing activity and monitors incoming and outgoing traffic.
  •  If you’re Business Lacks the reliable Back-up Plan: If your employees are not backing up the devices, there are risks of significant Data Loss and a stretched Downtime during the recovery phase. The small Business Hub stabilizes automatic Back-ups of all the computers to a Central Hub.

Our Company favors to you to rent the right Servers at Cost Friendly Budgets for your Small Business: if you are looking for best Server rental Dubai from VRS Technologies LLC you can Ping / WhatsApp to our team on +971-55-5182748 .

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