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Easy Fix for 5 Common Laptop Problems

Common Laptop Problems

Laptops these days are valuable assets not only for individuals but also for business enterprises for carrying out day-to-day their personal and business activities. The laptops are definitely making it easier and convenient due to their portability when doing businesses or for attending important business conferences. However, the portability of the laptop makes them more susceptible to damage requiring laptop repair.

Laptop Repair Dubai

The following are the five most common laptop problems requiring laptop repair Dubai for easy fixing such as:

• Broken, Stuck or Missing Keys

Missing, broken or stuck keys are one of the most common laptop problems that may arise due to spillage of liquids or food, debris and any external damage to the laptop such as falling down from the desk or while commuting to the workplace.

The simple or easy fix involves spraying compressed air over the keyboard to see if that loosens or removes the debris that is causing the issue. In case of broken or missing keys, the keys can be purchased individually from laptop manufacturers, dealers, or have the entire keyboard replaced.

• Loud fan sound or heating up of laptop followed by shut down

Laptop fans usually gather dust resulting in dust and foreign particles entering into the cooling system via their fan portal. As such, laptop fans run with loud noise requiring Laptop Repair Dubai.

The solution for this problem is to place the laptop on hard or flat surfaces and avoid putting the laptop on soft surfaces that may block the air passage. Cleaning the fans of the laptop with compressed air would result in avoiding the accumulation of dust that may be one of the factors of loud fan sound.

• The battery does not last longer or won’t charge

The other common laptop problem is the draining of the battery or dead battery. The solution for this problem requires laptop repair that can be avoidable by fully draining the energy of the battery and then recharging the battery for a few hours. Even then, if the battery does not charge or run for a long time then it is better to replace the battery with a new one.

• Laptop showing a black screen

The other common problem or issue with the laptop is when the laptop runs but it shows a black screen. The easy solution or fix for this problem involves removing the power cord, battery and then holding the power button for half a minute to minute. The next step is to reattach the power cord, putting the battery and reboot the laptop resulting in the activation (lightening) of the laptop screen.

• Slow internet connection

Sometimes slow internet connection to the laptop may require laptop repair Dubai but the simple or quick-fix solutions to this problem involve the following-

  • Repositioning the router or changing the channel
  • Checking for viruses, worms or malware
  • Software upgrade or updating
  • Checking with an internet provider for any network issues in your location

The above-mentioned easy fixes may help your laptop functioning normally without any major laptop repair. More info Visits our website or call us at +971-55-5182748.

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