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Cutting Edge AV Technology for Exceptional Theatre Experience

The audience of today are expecting more conditioned for having immersive and engaging theatre experience. The Audiovisual technology plays a major role in transporting audience from one place and time. With the competition being fierce as ever, we at VRS Technologies are investing in cutting edge, high-quality audio-visual technology is crucial for a successful theatre experience. VRS Technologies believe Investing in Audio visual technologies is essential for a successful theatre performance and we also work with numerous theatres both big and small to create the perfect experience. Av Rental Dubai.AV Rental Dubai

Listed below are some of the Audio Visual Technologies we rent for our Customers in Dubai.

• Projectors:

Projectors are now used in various occasions to engage the audiences during lectures, theatres and concerts. The latest being laser projectors which are intensively used to transmit images on to screen. At VRS Technologies we rent our customers the laser projectors which are more precise and work faster.

• Interactive Annotation system:

We believe that if your performance is not engaging enough, your audience will get bored and they start keeping themselves busy in new ways. One simple solution to this is to use interactive annotation systems. This helps in keeping the audience off their smartphones.

• LED video Displays:

Rather than using the traditional projectors and screens it is good to use LED cinema screens in their performances. The size and wide dynamic range are particularly impressive with the use of bright and vibrant colors.

• Surround sound systems:

One of the most powerful senses being hearing the surround sound system is an integral Audio-visual technology in your theatre design. The surround sound technology enhances the performance and takes the audience deep into the story.

• Voice Reinforcement:

It is very important that the audience in the last row also must and should have the same audio experience as that of the front row which is made sure with the use of Voice reinforcement. It allows the audience to follow the speaker or involve in the performance of their favorite actor or singer.

• Speaker and Microphone:

The performers are now free to focus on their performance and not on whether their voices are being heard by the audience of the last rows with the use of microphones and speakers. They are more reliable and flexible than ever.

• Stage Lighting:

Stage lighting is as important as sound systems which allows the audiences to travel along with the story and performance. Lighting helps in setting the mood of the picture and takes the audience to different place with a good experience.

While there are many cutting edge Audio-visual technologies available for theaters today, strategic design and implementation at your theater is important for doubling your investment. At VRS Technologies we work according to your needs and integrate exceptional audio-visual experience. Visit our website for schedule an appointment with our AV experts today.

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