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Can iPad Pro Replace Your Laptop?

The new iPad Pro is one of the most hyped gadgets out there. It is powerful and compatible with various devices. This made it a perfect competition for the laptop. Bigger screen with a good processor and compatible with various input products has projected a scenario stating that iPad pro can replace the laptop? But does it? Can you actually replace your laptop with this new generation iPad Pro?

Based on what features do people think that this can be a perfect replacement? In this article,

We are going to check the features of this iPad Pro and analyze whether it is a good replacement or not?


The new iPad Pro is equipped with A12Z Bionic chip. The updated GPU with this chip is 10 times faster than the A10X Fusion. Be it a phone, laptop, or tab, the one thing that matters more is the processor and iPad Pro does come with an amazing processor equipped in it. It can indeed replace the regular laptop that you carry. If you want to know how effectively this processor in iPad Pro works, you can rent it first via any iPad Rental companies.

iPad Rental

This way you will have an idea about the type of processor and whether you can use it to replace your regular laptop.

Compatible with Input Devices:

Although the tablets and phones have ultimate processors and various other great features, the one thing they lack is connecting with mouse and keyboard. This has been a huge issue for so many users lately. But this new iPad Pro is compatible with mouse and trackpad. This way the tab entirely transforms into a laptop and will surely give you a unique experience here.

You can buy the magic keyboard from Apple that comes with the trackpad with it. This way you don’t have to spend money on extra mouse either.

Screen Size:

iPad Pro has an 11-inch screen and this screen size is nearly equal to the notebook laptops available in the market. It is portable and has an OLED screen which is good for eyes and the display of this tablet is of top-notch.


The iPad Pro comes in different memory versions like 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB. If you really want to replace your tab with a laptop, you better go with 1TB memory as you have enough space to store all of your files and data.


These are the important things that surely help iPad pro in successfully replacing the laptops. The iPad Pro indeed has all the features that make it a great replacement for the regular laptops that you use. For iPad Rental Dubai, UAE more info visits our Company VRS Technologies LLC website –

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