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Building web application firewalls for seamless online governance

For years, the cyber assailants have been targeting the network systems, web servers, and web applications and raising concerns across the digital domain and have actively raised the demand for products such as the firewall solutions and few of the intrusion detection systems to actively safeguard the network ecosystem of the organization.

In this particular realm, the firewall solutions have been specifically implemented and deployed to safeguard the premise networks and the web applications from any sort of malicious setbacks.

Firewall Solutions

The Web Application Firewall Systems

As the word indicates, the web application firewalls or the (WAF), they protect the web application from any external intrusions and have now become the most de-facto standard for the online users who predominantly use the web browsers to persistently work on the web application systems.

The web applications have been constantly prone to certain cyber anomalies and threats. In this particular horizon, the web application firewall systems have been put in place which could restrict the external access to the web application systems which happens through the browser level.

Efficacy Of The Firewall Systems And The Waf

The firewall system that specifically protects the web applications or the WAF is much the same to that of the traditional firewall which protects the enterprise premise network. The only demarcation that one can make is that the traditional firewall systems evaluate the IP packets and strictly follows the firewall protocols in the network. In the case of the WAF, it controls both the input and output access of the web browser ensuring the security layer in the web browser.

The web application firewalls have been put in place and the subsequent layer of the web applications are well governed with tools like HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP, and XML-RPC.The web application firewalls have been put in place and the subsequent layer of the web applications are well governed with tools like HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP, and XML-RPC.

Anecdote: The firewalls have been designed in such a way that it brings about the finest inspection of the web traffic and the overall governance of the web application firewalls. These mechanisms are also termed the deep-pocketed inspection firewalls.4

 Proven Benefits Of Web Application Firewalls Or The Waf

  • The WAF’s have been known to defend any unauthorized data exposure which has become live on the website or any web application.
  • They are proven to be beneficial for much of the online retail businesses such as the e-commerce portals.
  • The WAF’s significantly becomes more pro-active when the data is profusely stored in the e-commerce for public display.
  • One can clearly indicate that without the proper WAF’s in place, it becomes quite vulnerable for the web hackers to intrude and cause a major cyber-attack which can otherwise cause a havoc this particular realm,VRS Technologies have been the prolific player in the market and have been bringing about the latest trends towards web application protection mechanisms through WAF’s.

In this particular realm, VRS Technologies have been a contender in the market and have been an active player with reference to bringing the latest trends of web application protection mechanisms through WAF. Please approach us for any firewall solutions for your web application and call us at +971-55-5182748 and visit us at