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Best MacBook in 2021: Which one suits your needs?

Apple’s MacBook series of laptops are the most versatile, seamlessly blend with power, and elegantly featured devices that form a prized possession for any gadget lover.

They are the best portable computing devices with the fastest processors, long-lasting battery, and the best operating system to accomplish any task with ease.

All Apple MacBook’s are set apart with usability and standards that stand as a quality meter for other technology devices.

MacBook Rental Dubai

The four best MacBook’s to look for:

MacBook Air: Apple’s MacBook Air comes with Apple’s M1 chip, making it the fastest laptop in the market. It has a battery performance of 14 hours and 41 minutes found only in a few Windows 10 laptops. MacBook Air is relatively quiet compared to MacBook Pro since it lacks fans. It is Apple’s least expensive model with portability and less weight.

MacBook Pro (13”): With the best power-per-watt performance of any processor, the M1 brings the MacBook Pro’s speed and performance to the next level. The battery lasts for almost 16 hrs despite having so much power and speed. The image processing unit is the best as it runs on Apple’s ARM-based architecture, Apps running on iPad and iPhone are also available on Mac. The latest version of macOS, Big Sur is found in the MacBook Pro that adds to its enhanced performance.

MacBook Pro (13”, Intel 2020): This MacBook Pro version is best for video editing suites. It has four Thunderbolt ports as compared to the three ports with the M1 MacBook Pro version. It is the only version customized with 32GB of memory or 4TB of storage used mainly for high-end applications.

 MacBook Pro (16”): The 16” MacBook Pro has an improved keyboard, powerful speakers, and a larger and more immersive display. In spite of the weight, its thin bezels have enabled it to display higher resolutions than its earlier versions, so portability does not matter. It is the most powerful laptop with an i9 core processor, 8TB storage, and 64 GB RAM.

The key features to look for while choosing a MacBook that best suits your requirement are

  •         Performance
  •         Battery-life
  •         Graphics and gaming
  •         Size and weight

Apple laptops are expensive compared to other laptops in the market. We at VRS Technologies offer Latest Model MacBook Rentals Dubai, UAE for Affordable Price, Free Setup & Delivery .

We offer the latest range of MacBook’s on rent with the most competitive prices in the market. Our esteemed clientele is a testimony to our dedicated and trustworthy services throughout Dubai.

Visit for the latest MacBook rental services. We customise the MacBook as per customer requirements and offer 24×7 assistance for any help required in operating the MacBook.

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